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ZeroChroma Cases for iPhone 5 (VarioProtect & VarioClear)

I came across Zerochroma by word of mouth from a couple of colleagues. I knew I had to check them out since the only time accessories come up in our conversations is if they are really good or really bad.

Luckily for me I heard great things about Zerochroma. They seem to specialize in iOS devices providing their Vario series of cases for the iPad & iPhone. What really makes these Vario cases so special in my opinion is there theater-stand. Let’s take a closer look.

Today I have for you both of Zerochroma cases that they offer for the iPhone 5. The cases include the Varioclear & Varioprotect both of which are nearly identical but yet offer a different view.

As stated below these cases are very similar. They both fit the iPhone 5 perfectly. The cutouts for the camera & ports are spot on with the same size and shapes.  I have no issues with either device plugging in my headphones or using the OEM charging cables. I did however have some issues with some 3rd party cables that are thicker. Still no obstructions or  difficulty accessing the mute switch or ports. The physical buttons are covered by a layer of TPU which with time will loosen up making them easier to activate. By design both curved back (due to theater stand) grip indentions making it easier to hold your iPhone 5. What I found very handy was the indention on the back where the Apple logo is located. It perfectly located to rest your finger while holding your device with one hand. Lastly, both have a theater-stand & are wrist strap ready.

These theater-stand’s are simply genius and very useful. I have seen my fair share of kickstands but nothing like this. This kickstand allows you to set your device is many different angles for the best viewing experience. The theater-stand is the primary reason the cases are thick & cause the lump on the back. It is noticeable but I found the mold to fit nicely in the hands. This kickstand rotates 360 degrees with ll locking angles providing viewing angles on any side of your iPhone. Whether you want it in landscape or portait, nearly laying down or standing up this theater-stand can do it all. I find it easy to pull out, put away, and rotate the theater-stand making it delight to use.


Now there are differences between both cases. The Varioprotect is a solid TPU case that provides total protection and has a solid backing. The finishing on the back is easier to grip and looks much better in my opinion. I had no issues with scratches as them seem to rub off easily. Inside you will find a black cloth material to help protect against scratches which is nice to have. Of the two this is my favorite even though they are nearly identical.


The major difference with this case is clearly the clear back. Zerochroma uses a transparent back that is  hard plastic. I enjoyed being able to show off the back of my iPhone with a case on it. However, as great as it is with protecting against scratches they are not as easy to remove. You can easily see “damage” that resides after a scratch occurs. Plus, the clear glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet. I did however find the VarioClear to be tougher & not as easily to bend. The VarioClear really shows off the theater-stand and how it works, it is simply awesome.

I found both cases to be quite pleasant. They are both very functional and provide great protection. Choosing between both of these basically comes down to personal preference in terms of colors & clear or solid back. I prefer the solid back as it looks better longer and the color really pops. You can find the VarioClear & VarioProtect for $44.99 & $39.95; respectively through or at the Apple Store.

SourcesZeroChroma VarioProtect
ZeroChroma VarioClear

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The rating goes are the same for both cases (VarioProtect & VarioClear). The reason is that they are practically identical. Both a great case as they provide many nice features. The theater stand is second to none, the case design makes it very easy to hold/grip the device, and it is a nice looking case. Long run I would say the VarioProtect would be the best buy as it will visually look better over time compared to the VarioClear. I find the case retail price to be a bit steep.
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