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Your Mac Unit Is A Wonderland

Your Mac Unit Is A Wonderland

If you have heard John Mayer‘s song, your body is a wonderland, you will see that human beings are creations that have more than mere humane characteristics. Humans can do a lot of wonders, some of them beyond what one can imagine.

Your Mac is like that. It is like a treasure camouflaged in a computer. You can do a lot of things with it, just be sure you use the right equipment and tools. These tools and equipment are those that humans call applications or apps.

Which apps can be used to turn your Mac from a mere gadget to a treasured tool? Here are some apps that you can install for your Mac.

The AppZapper can allow you to uninstall those apps and other files that hog on your disk space. It is an effective cleaning tool, making your Mac a fast and speedy unit. This is a very good tool to use if you want to make sure you can optimize your Mac unit.

If you have a way with words, or happen to work with them often, the TextWrangler is a very good app to use. It allows you to modify your text files the fastest way.

If you go online often, the iStumbler can be a great tool for you. It allows you quick assessments of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks that you can access.

Want to make contact with friends all over the globe? If you would like to do this, the Skype is the best application you can rely on. It allows you to call and contact your friends who have accounts as well. It has good transmission qualities and you get to talk to reconnect relationships.

These are just four of the best apps to use on your Mac. Before long, you will be singing John Mayer too. Your Mac is a wonderland, in your hand.

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