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WWDC 2013 To Take Place Monday June 10th to Friday June 14th ?

WWDC 2013 To Take Place Monday 06e 10th to Friday 06e 14th ?

WWDC is the event everyone is waiting for from Apple but as of yet they have still not announced the dates for WWDC 2013 but looking at the Moscone West’s calendar it seems that the only five day period which does not overlap a weekend is from June 10th to June 14th, WWDC has been held in June since 2007.

The WWDC’s have been the have always been Apple’s opportunity to announce their newest tech and judging by the rumours it is going to be no different this year. A lot of people are building their hopes up for some shiny new devices at WWDC, if not, significant improvements to online services or software, which we haven’t heard seen any attention on since Cupertino HQ at the launch of the iPad Mini.

No-one is certain yet on what we will see announced at WWDC 2013 but from the previuous years we can guess at the launch of iOS 7, Mac OS X 10.9 and maybe, just maybe a new iOS device. Last year Apple announced the Mac OS X Mountain Lion OS in February 2012, but our editor, Jordan Crosby explains why he thinks Apple are planning a same day announcement for both iOS and Mac this year in more detail here.

Apple Fan Site will be covering the full event as it happens with live video and a live blog, we will also let you developers know as soon as tickets are announced both on Twitter, Facebook and in our WWDC 2013 hub.

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