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WWDC 2010 : Fancy some FaceTime ?

WWDC 2010 : Fancy some FaceTime ?

First the first time ever information about an Apple device managed to leak before the Keynote. It didn’t matter, the iPhone 4 was the tip of the iceberg when it comes to WWDC2010.

A front facing camera, HD video and iMovie editing straight from the device makes the iPhone 4 one of the most advanced video platforms on the market. It is too early to predict that this means to the likes of Flip Video but it will certainly change how we edit on the move.

We recently looked at the differences between iMovie and Final Cut Express but this latest offering is sure to make iMovie one of the most popular movie editors for the home user. Amazingly iMovie of the iPhone will cost only $4.99.

The iPhone OS (now known as iOS4) offers a number of exciting updates including threaded emails, single inbox, folders and multi-tasking. Developers will receive the gold release today with the final version being rolled out to customers sometime “Soon”.


iBooks sees a major update introducing not only an iPhone version of the application but also the ability to read PDF files directly. This is an exciting new feature if you have a store of eBooks in PDF format. I have a dozen photography ebooks which can’t want to be on the iBook Shelf.


iAds is a new service managed and hosted by Apple directly. The in App ads attract 60% revenue for developers with payments via iTunes Connect. Apple claim adding ads to your App is easy and have already been selling ads for eight weeks. iAds start on 1st July 2010.

One More Thing : It is FaceTime

This year’s “One More Thing” comes in the form of “FaceTime” offering video chat directly from the handset. FaceTime works anywhere there is Wi-Fi and is iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 only. No set up is required and you can easily switch between the phone’s two cameras.

FaceTime is an interesting way to offer video conferencing / chat. It works by placing a call to a friend and tapping the FaceTime button, the video aspect of the call is carried over Wi-Fi. This isn’t like iChat or Skype with a list of buddies it is simply a one to one video chat.

Apple are offering FaceTime as an open standard meaning other device manufacturers can use it in their handset. It shouldn’t be very long before you can FaceTime as the norm.


With a massive improvement on processor, screen, battery life and capabilities the iPhone 4 looks like a leap from even the iPhone 3GS. The device is released on the 24th June with pre-ordering starting on the 15th. The iOS 4 upgrades (including 3G/3Gs*) will be available free on 21st June. It should be noted that not all features will be available on 3G/s including multitasking.

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