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WordPress for iOS App Review

If you are one of the millions of people with a WordPress blog then you may be looking for a way to update it while out and about. After all, you never know when inspiration will strike. If this is the case then you will be pleased to know that there is now a WordPress app for the iPhone and iPad and not only is it free, it also survives the transition mostly intact. WordPress can be downloaded now from the App Store and requires iOS 4.3 or later to run.

WordPress has been blessed with a clear and functional interface that is easy to use and allows you to do most of the things you could do before. Admittedly there are some features that have been left out of the iOS version but all the basic functionality is there and it shouldn’t cause any serious problems. Vital functions, such as writing and editing posts, as well as managing the blog behind the scenes and moderating comments, are of course included and you will have no trouble with the intuitive controls, especially if you are already familiar with WordPress. It is even possible to create a new blog from the app, as well as search for and follow other blogs too.

The app includes a useful sidebar that provides quick links to posts, pages, comments, stats and the all-important dashboard. Whether you want to edit the blog or look at analytics you can access it all here. You can view the blog from both sides, either behind the scenes where you can tinker about with it, or from the outside to see how it appears online to the casual viewer. The controls here are very similar to the WordPress you have been using online all this time and it will take you mere seconds to figure it out and find your way around. A lot of it is self-explanatory.

Writing a blog is easy and you can use the onscreen keyboard to type it all in, while a few quick taps will add tags. However one of the best things about the iOS version is that you can take pictures with the device’s camera there and then for inclusion on your blog post. While such features as plug-ins are missing here and you will need to use the classic version for those, WordPress is successful overall.

While the app does work on the iPhone, you will have a much better time of it if you use the iPad version as the interface is much better suited to the larger screen. This becomes especially evident when typing your post and attempting to use the toolbar.

WordPress for iOS is a success in general, although it is no replacement for the traditional version. If you treat it as a companion tool for use when travelling between computers then it fills the void nicely and lets you keep on top of things while on the move. If you use WordPress then it is worth downloading, especially since it is free.

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