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WordPress 2 for iPhone

WordPress 2 for iPhone

I can remember my initial excitement when WordPress released version 1 of their blogging application for iPhone. Initially the application worked well but after a few weeks I found I had a few temporary, half finished posts being published on site and I reverted back to using the web interface to post content.

This week sees the release of version 2 of the application which isn’t from upgrade to version 1 but a complete transformation. The application is a considerable improvement and has helped my article writing workflow. 


Generally when I have an idea for a blog post I start by either writing in iPhone Notes or worse I send myself an email of the rough article. Wordpress 2 for iPhone changes this workflow completely with the ability to write, edit and add images to articles.

I haven’t ventured as far as writing and publishing an article from the phone simple as I like to see and tweak the article before it goes live.

wordpress2 wordpress3 wordpress4

So, what’s new in version 2?

A new, more efficient user interface that makes it faster to switch between comments, posts, and pages.
Various user interface refinements and bug fixes
New Comments interface, with Gravatars and the author URL shown in the comment list
Passwords are now stored in the keychain
Posts are now automatically saved and restored if network connection is lost during publishing
Added persistence, so the app re-opens in the blog you last used
Added an interface for manually entering the XMLRPC endpoint for non-standard setups
Fixed rotation-related visual glitches
Fixed errors where malformed XML prevented access to XMLRPC endpoint
Fixed edge case where local drafts were sometimes not saved
Fixed the order of photos so that they’re displayed in the order they’re uploaded

I’d love to see support for custom fields but I am sure this is going to be a future addition.

The app supports multiple blogs, category selection, tags, images and comment management. Personally I will use the application for creating draft articles that can be finished when I get back to my Mac and as an easier way to moderate comments when out on the road. As far as writing and completely full posts, well this will remain a 24″; screen activity.

WordPress 2 is available here (iTunes Link).

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