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Withings Introduces $99.95 Pulse Fitness Tracker

Withings Opens Pre-orders for $99.95 Pulse Fitness Tracker

Withings announced Pulse, the Fitness Tracker back as CES 2013. It is a competitor fitness tracker that will go up against the likes of Fitbit, Nike Fuel band, Jawbone Up which are currently in the market.

Withings Pulse was to launch at the end of March 2013 but it was pushed back. The time has finally come and Pre-Orders for the Withings Pulse is now available. Customers can now go to to place their pre-orders for the Pulse for only $99.95. The product pages indicates that if the Pulse is pre-ordered it would be set to ship out “within the next 30 days.”

Pulse is a fitness tracker that helps monitor items like steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep duration just to name a few (entire list below). The heart rate function works by sliding your finger over the sensor that is located on the back of the Pulse device. The data is gathered and synced to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. You can view you data on your iOS device (iPhone and iPad with iOS5+) via a free iOS application Withings created for Pulse.

The Withings Pulse has an average battery life of two weeks before having to recharge. It even has a power save mode that allows customers to track their data for up to 24 additional hours when the battery is running low. While in power save mode the screen will be off so you will not be able to view the data. It is not until you sync or recharge the Pulse that you can view your data that was collected during power save mode. The Pulse has a built-in Lithium-ion polymer battery that be recharged via the micro USB port. It comes with a USB cable that you can use to charge on your laptop or desktop.

The Withings brings the Pulse experience together via an online account. The account can be used for tips, set goals, view your work, and monitor all your data all at no cost with absolutely no limits. The online system is said to be updated to reflect then new Pulse information once the official launch begins. Currently the online account can be used to sync current Withings products like their wireless body scales.

So as the release of Withings Pulse draws near I recommend learning more about the device by going to The device is competitively priced so if you end up liking what you see you can head over to Withings Store to commit to a pre-0rder. Withings Health Mate is the application that works with both your iOS device and the Pulse device. You can learn more about the application HERE and you can go to iTunes for download.

Pulse Tracks:

  • Steps taken
  • Elevation climbed actively
  • Distance traveled: based on user’s profile for high precision
  • Calories burned:
  • Pulse displays active calories
  • App widget displays metabolic + total calories
  • Run: daily recap of duration and distance
  • Instant heart rate
  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep quality
  • Light vs. deep sleep
  • Sleep interruptions

Specs for Withings Pulse:

  • Display: Large OLED screen 128 pixels x 32 pixels resolution
  • Touch screen for history browsing
  • Heart Rate sensor

In the Box:

  • Withings Pulse
  • Clip: Silicone + metal
  • Sleep wristband
  • Micro-USB to USB standard charging cable
  • Quick Installation Guide (FR/EN/DE/ES/IT)
  • Free account to track your well-being: activity, sleep, weight and heart

SourceWithings Pulse

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