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Wireless charging – Apple’s new sales trick!

This idea was detailed this week in a new patent application, entitled “Active Electronic Media Packaging. ”The concept is to have an active packaging system that would supply power and data to devices, allowing them to show off features and display the content while on sitting on a store shelf.

The purpose is to replace the typical labels and other advertising that customers find on the outside of product packaging. Instead, this method would let the product speak of itself better than any advertising.
Despite the fact typical packaging for an electronic media device may be designed to sufficiently protect the product from any kind of damage, the packaging is extremely limited in other aspects.

For instance, majority of packaging designs doesn’t allow to fully view and interact with the electronic media device. There are some packaging designs that allow customer to explore some of the device’s features, yet though, they’re far from being completely accessible.

Most packages do not include an external power source to make sure the device can be operational for the user to check it out. Physically, connecting every single device in the store to a power source could be a difficult task – this is where Apple steps in with its new solution. Their idea is to use an RF power transmitter. The packaging itself could work as a receiver and would provide power to a device like an iPhone or iPad.

iphone-4s-wireless-chargingThe ability of packaging to receive the wireless power would also abolish the need for the device itself to be able to recharge wirelessly. This way there wouldn’t be the need to increase the size of the device in order to add such a feature. This concept would also allow Apple’s products to keep up the proper functionality and update them while being sealed.

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