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Wilson 4G Antenna Booster @ CES 2013

Wilson 4G Antenna Booster Will Give You 5 Bars of Signal Guaranteed @ CES 2013

Wilson have revealed their latest antenna booster at CES 2013.  The “Slim 4G” is a cradle for your car that can amplify a 4G signalright up to its maximum capacity even if your moving about in a car or in an area with not such a good connection.

The boosting power of antennas in cars has always been an issue due to the fact that the antenna booster is the exact same height as your phone, thus not boosting the signal effectively, Until today!

You simply place an antenna on your roof and install the station into your car cigarette lighter and that’s it, you can enjoy maximum 4G connection wherever it is available and whatever network you are using.

The product is expected to be available within the next couple of weeks and we will update with a price as soon as it becomes available.

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