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Will Apple Stock Cross 700 Point Threshold Before September 12th ?

Will Apple Stock Cross 700 Point Threshold Before 09tember 12th ?

Today is possibly a great day to buy Apple’s stocks

Regular wall street blog Wall St Cheat Sheet has reported that Apples stocks and shares are more powerful than ever.  Currently at the time of writing this post, Apples stock  is currently trading at 170.90 – a rise of (0.84%) on its opening figures.

The site also states that apples stocks will rise on High Quality Product Pipeline for Future Good News, and the fact that their earnings Are Increasing Quarter-Over-Quarter.  Trends that support the industry in which the company operates mean that apples products such as the iPhone and iPad make up more than 60% of the company’s stock.

With the new iPhone and iPad mini coming well before Christmas this opens up more possibilities for the company to add new lines of products, expanding on their stocks and boosting them even further?

Tim Cook has also taken the company leaps and bounds in the tablet side of the market, and this has had a great impression on the company’s stock price.  Worldwide sales of its tablets are expected to increase to 222 million by 2016, according to IDC and apple is not expected to loose ground on this market anytime soon.

So, while it takes a great deal of investment to do well in their stocks, it might be an investment you will never forget!

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