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Wi-Fi Passwords

There are many people who do not even know their Wi-Fi password and this cannot be also considered as their fault. Perhaps you might have asked you neighbor to do this for you or maybe you have written it down in a place which eventually got lost in the big sea of papers at home or at work place. Whatever, be the case, after you have offered to buy 1Password for all, you provide them help to figure out what was the password and brighten your Internet situation to boot.

So, the first thing can be done to ask your relative if you can work from his/her machine. For this, the system’s administration password will be required so as to gain access to all the other passwords. Start the process by opening the app of Keychain Access which can be found in Applications &gt- Utilities folder. Moreover, if you type the word key within the Spotlight, the feature will be located easily.

Keychain Access is the Mac systems way of storing passwords so that the user does not have to enter them every time you want to log in to somewhere which is password specific. This is the reason as to why the Mac system syncs with the iCloud service as the passwords that are kept in your keychain can be automatically provided when it is needed.

If you prefer any specific type, click on the Kind column within the Keychain Access to make it sort by that.

Once the application opens up, simply type in the name of the network for which the password is required in to the search bar placed at the upper right hand of the main window so as to locate it quickly.

However, if you do not know the name of the network, you will have to perform a more deeper search. An option can be to click on the Wi-Fi icon within the menu bar of the operating system through which you can determine as to on which network the computer machine is connected to.

Once the network connection is visible, all you have to do is to double click on that item which will open up a window. In this window click on the checkbox of the Show Password option.

Here you will be required to enter the login password of the machine so as to provide a proof to the Mac OS X that you are entitled to gain access to all the data stored within it.

After this process, the Show Password option will reveal out all the secrets to you openly. This facility has been provided in several other iDevices such as the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhones as well as iPads.

Through this process you can gain access to the password of your Wi-Fi connection even when you are not with your Mac. Apple has mastered in making the computing environment for all its product users very easy which is the basic reason as to why the Macintosh lineup of Mac is experiencing rapid increase in its sales and ultimately in its market share.

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