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Why You Should Buy The iPhone 4S

Why You Should Buy The iPhone 4S

There is a lot of talk nowadays about the new iPhone 4S and it’s not going to go away any time soon. The fact is that this is the fastest and smartest phone to come out of Apple, but many critics are saying that other companies have already created faster and indeed smarter phones. Other mobile operating systems like Android have had the new iPhone iOS features for quite some time, making Apple actually behind the curve for once rather than ahead of it. This, along with the news of Steve Jobs’ passing, has caused many people to warn of cracks in Apple’s armour to be seen sooner rather than later. However, the facts don’t lie and Apple resellers—along with Apple themselves—all over the world are reporting that they have already sold out of their pre-order allotments of the iPhone 4S. American and Australian telecommunications companies are now warning people that it could take anywhere from between seven days to four weeks before people will get the phones that they ordered. With this in mind, you might be wondering if you should invest in an iPhone 4S (and at almost $1,000 a pop it is an investment). This is the article to read to tell you why you need to upgrade your old phone with the iPhone 4S.

The thing to know about the iPhone 4S, and all smart phones in general, is that this is not just a phone. Sure, it can make calls, receive calls (more on that later), as well as send and receive text and picture messages using funds given or promised to a cellular network provider, but the iPhone 4S is more like a mini computer in your pocket. Actually, it’s also like a music store, games store, office, and book store in your pocket, too. This is because thanks to the wonderful built in and available apps you can transform your iPhone into one of these things or all of these things.

The iPhone 4S comes in three sizes; 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB which means that you can fit your entire music library on your phone. Instead of carrying two devices with you and constantly worrying about losing one you can just put your music on your phone and be safe in the knowledge that you can walk around everywhere with a different tune in your eye. You can customise play lists on your computer through iTunes or even on the go. Have a work out play list with heart pumping beats, a classical music play list for when you want to chill out, and a pop music playlist that you can tell people your kid added.

The touch screen feature is a great concept and one that is most suitable to playing games. The duel core processor means that you can now find, download, and play games a lot faster than you could on older phones, and the games look and sound a lot better too. The app store is full of games for people of all ages and all inclinations. There are traditional card games like solitaire, chess (that you can play against the computer as well as against friends and strangers from all over the world) and even the world’s oldest game Mancala is available on the world’s newest phone. You can also play racing games, strategy games, and music games. The games aren’t all for fun with an ever-increasing number of maths and English games being added every day. Exercise your brain with daily word puzzles or by answering the most math questions before the timer runs out.

The iPhone isn’t all fun and games with an amazing array of apps that can help you at work. Companies all over the world are giving their employees iPhone’s to help them to improve their work. The iPhone 4S comes with the newest and best task app called Reminders. With this app you can schedule alerts and reminders from your calendar or on the fly. With the location services you can even set an alert to go off when you leave the office so you will never arrive home without the milk again.

IBook makes reading a lot easier too with over 100,000 books available at the iBook store. Read classics like Moby Dick along with the heart pounding thriller of The Hunger Games, or just download your PDF files and read through your class notes on the way to school.

The iPhone 4S just makes sense, which is why you should buy one.

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