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Why the next laptop you buy shouldn’t be a laptop at all

Why the next laptop you buy shouldn't be a laptop at all

Fun fact: people say that the term ‘laptop’ is no longer correct and that all portable computers whose screen opens with a hinge are now called notebook computers. This name change is thanks to the millions of mobile computer users who placed their devices on their laps and suffered burns to their legs thanks to the immense heat radiated from the backs of these devices. Whether or not this story is indeed true, it does herald the woeful tale of the simple laptop computer.

What was once deemed the high point of technology and a new way of doing business and study, the laptops is fast becoming out of fashion. What we could do on a laptop we can do on our phones, plus a whole lot more. From creating and editing word documents to filming and editing movies, that can be done on the same device that you use to text home and to call your mother. However, the main issue with smart phones is their size. Yes, you can do many things on the, but with such a small screen it was hard to do and see at the same time. Many people are opting to stick with their old ‘dumb’ phones because they cannot use the keyboard and use the laptop for mobile computing.

But the release of the iPad 2 means that your new mobile device purchase shouldn’t be a laptop or notebook computer; it should be a tablet.

The iPad 2 has everything you could need from a laptop or any computing device, as well as everything you could want from a portable game console or movie player. This is because the iPad 2 is each one of these things at the same time. Students, parents, and business people are all making the swap to tablet PCs rather than laptops because of their versatility and flexibility.

The iPad 2 is great for people who are constantly on the go. Whether you’re a single parent who needs spends most of the day driving the children to and from activities or a corporate intern who is running around from office to office the slim design and light weight of the iPad 2 will come in handy. Apple haven’t compromised in screen size to create this lighter and thinner device because they have compressed the battery and taken away unnecessary space at the back of the machine. But this compression doesn’t mean that it will run out of battery faster; in fact you can get ten hours regular use from this before you have to recharge.

Thinking about the iPad 2 as a laptop, and it comes with the newest version of Safari. This is the best version by far with a number of great web browsing features that are standard on a computer, plus more that you don’t have there. Tabbed browsing is the only way to view websites on a laptop or a computer because it helps you to keep track of multiple pages at once, such as your flight booking and your bank account. Safari on the iPad 2 now also comes with tabbed viewing to help you keep in control of everything that you’re doing. But the Safari with iPad 2 also comes with reader, a great new way of reading articles and websites. Once you select reader the page will change to omit distracting advertisements and increase the font size. This is great for when you’re reading a review of a new movie or a financial article for work. For $9.99 USD you can buy Pages for your iPad 2. Pages™ is the Apple version of a text editor, but it is more flexible than most others that are currently on the market.

One key difference between a laptop computer and a tablet PC is the design: a laptop has the keyboard and screen separate while the two are the same on a tablet. Even though tablet screens are quite big a keyboard still takes up a lot of space. You can now buy a Blue Tooth keyboard for your iPad 2 that will connect wirelessly to the device. The keyboard is the size of a regular keyboard with all the keys in the right places but it is very slimline and light. With the portable keyboard you can type away to your heart’s content without having to touch the screen. The new Smart Cover is a sturdy cover that folds into a stand so you can have your iPad elevated to an ergonomic viewing level while typing on the keyboard.

When you’ve finished typing you can video chat with your family through FaceTime or watch a movie. It’s up to you.

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