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Why The Cloud Is a Good Thing

Why The Cloud Is a Good Thing

Some days, a Cloud signifies rain, but in today’s language a Cloud is a thing to be excited about. Cloud computing has been around for a while, but it’s taken Apple to turn it not only into a reality, but a feasibility. Here are the reasons why the iCloud is such a good thing.

–         Storage

The iCloud is a virtual hard drive service that holds everything you own; all of your documents, your photographs, your music, and your movies plus many more.  When you sign up with iCloud you get 5GB free storage, and that equates to a lot with the Apple compresses everything. But here’s the kicker: everything that you purchase like apps and music, and your Photo Stream don’t count towards the free storage. The only things that your Cloud will be holding that will take up space is your documents and calendars which won’t take up a lot of space. You can back up your phone and your iTunes and keep that in your Cloud if you want and you can purchase more space if you need it. Apple says that it’s “the easiest way to manage your content. Because now you don’t have to”, and that’s true because the Cloud holds everything.

–         Everything you own on everything you own

Because the Cloud stores everything ‘off-site’ you can have it all on the different devices that you own. It’s no secret that Apple assumes because you have one Apple device that you will have all Apple devices, but it’s now easier to integrate many different devices together. Take a photo and store it on the Cloud and it’s instantly available on the Cloud network attached to your MacBook and iPad. The best thing about this: no syncing. After you connect your separate devices to your Cloud then sharing and swapping is instant and easy.

–         Works with iWorks and more coming soon

With your iCloud you don’t have to worry about saving your work to a portable drive or e-mailing a copy of the report to yourself so you can work on it when you’re at home. Once you save it to the Cloud your iWorks documents are accessible on the iWorks app on your iPad or home Mac. Working away from work has never been easier; start a report at work on your Mac computer, then continue working on it on the train home via your iPad, and then finish it off at home on your MacBook. There is also an added benefit to this; you don’t have to worry about losing your iPad or a virus infecting your home computer because it is saved on the Cloud. Simply log into your Cloud on another device and continue working like nothing happened.

Apple has opened up the Cloud coding to other developers so you will be seeing integration with third party apps.

–         Apple for PC, too

There are some people out there who have one Mac device, say an iPhone or iPad but they use other company’s devices as well. In the past, Apple hasn’t been so kind to these people, but that has changed with the Cloud. People using Windows and even Linux-based computers can store their data in the Cloud. This is a definite boost for those of us who work on PC’s but also use iPhone’s and iPods.

–         Apps in the Cloud

Apps will be stores in your Cloud, making it easier to transfer them across to other devices. Rather than having to buy the same app multiple times to have it work on your phone and your iPad you can share them across the different devices. The data is also shared, so your high scores will be saved no matter what device you’re playing on.

–         iTunes purchases on every device

Once you connect all of your devices to the Cloud you have access to everything you have purchased (and ever will purchase) on everything. You can download a song on your MacBook at night and then have it on your iPod for your morning jog without having to sync the two. You can also buy a movie on your iPhone and then have it ready to watch on your iPad when you get home.

The Cloud is available in Fall for US customers only at first, and it will be rolled out in other countries soon after. At the official Apple site you can sign up to be notified as soon as it is ready.

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