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Why Macs Are Better Than Windows PC

Why Macs Are Better Than Windows PC

There have been made several discussions related on the topic of Windows vs. Mac operating systems. Although, there have several ups and downs within the debate but, what has been experienced by many users, it is clear that not all computer users knows the basic of the upsides that of Mac and OS X. below mentioned, are some points, which are solid enough to render Mac as bit high grader operating system than Microsoft Windows.

  • The Reliable Sleep Mode: An excellent feature of Mac operating systems which can, at no cost, be underestimated is its 100 percent reliability aspects, resume and near-instant suspending nature. Moreover, this factor is not realized by any computer user until they own a Mac system. On the other hand, the windows operating systems never had this feature and are also nowhere near instant. The result of this is that most of the users have the habit of shutting down the PC totally or leaving it idle to chew up power which is the worst situation of all.

However, the basic difference between a Mac and Windows system is in the dialup as well as the broadband connection. Moreover, the boot timings in Windows are relatively short whereas, the Mac systems has a booting average of about once in a month or most often only to install an update to the OS which tends to lead to the second aspect.

  • Incredible Boot Times: Rebooting a PC running on Windows can be a very painful job unless the system is operating on very high leveled specification hardware such as the Vista technology has faster booting times.

The booting time on Mac OS X starts at about 25 seconds of a cold boot on a third generation MacBook Pro and is also considered as a genuine boot speed rather than of a fake one.

  • Difference in the Quality of the Parts: in addition to the operating system, the hardware of the Mac operating systems is also of very high quality. The elements of fit and finish in Apple products does not easily creak up or bend like many of the panels of plastic which has been made part of several of the Windows based PC. Moreover, the keyboards of Apple are also of high quality along with the selection of excellent LCD panels for the system’s screens.


  • Mac OS X + Windows OS = Better System Than Just Windows OS: setting the Linux system aside for a second, the user can also operate several application of Windows on to the Mac operating system either natively or through virtualization, whereas, on a Windows PC only the legitimate Windows system can be operated. This means that Mac OS X can be used for all purposes and if there is any occasional need for running applications of Windows, this function can be helped out too.


  • More Useful Applications: Every other version of Mac operating systems comes with several of useful applications that have not been made a part of the Windows system. These apps can, obviously be downloaded for Windows but, the ubiquity of application distribution can either make or break a platform. Some app which is considered as very useful and has been compulsorily made a part of these systems is: iPhoto, Expose, iCal, Stickies and Time Machine.
  • The System Is Not Loaded Up With Crap: A major problem associated with the Windows system is that nearly every PC tends to get loaded up with junk and keeps on popping up so as to remind that the trial period is about to get over. Moreover, some of these applications are very difficult to install.

Mac systems are made with MobileMe which does not come into your way until it has been specially activated and the iPhoto which is a link to the photo/book printing of Apple. The basic is that Apple does not tends to force its applications to get into the users way which is the case of Windows PC

  • Other Factors Which Makes Mac OS X Better:

  • Nearly every model of Mac systems includes an in-built screenshot capability.
  • The feature of expose allows a quick view of all the currently opened windows which is a lot better than the Alt+Tab option which Mac do have or the Flip 3D which is of Windows technology.
  • The using of Dock is much easier than the startup menu and the taskbar of Windows.

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