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Why Is Instagram , Netflix , Pinterest & More Down ? –

Why Is Instagram , Netflix , Pinterest & More Down ?

instagram down due to amazon servers

When trying to log on or use some of the most popular online services such as Instagram , Netflix and Pinterest then you maybe wondering while they are all down. The current outage is not the fault of the companies but Amazons fault. All the services use Amazons servers to bring you your friends updates or the latest TV programmes but all this has been unavailable since Friday evening at 9:10 p.m. PT. This is because one of Amazons data centres got hit with a massive storm yesterday. The North Virginia data centre is currently struggling with power issues

Update : Amazon and all three companies have acknowledged the servers and services are back up but Instagram is still not updating for us

If you know off any other services which are down or you are still having problems with any services please let us know

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