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Why I Want An iPhone 4S

Why I Want An iPhone 4S

This is a mac review but a different sort of one. Most reviews are written by people who have the product and have tested it out, but I haven’t done that. The closest I’ve been to the new iPhone 4S is watching the videos online or walking past the long line at the Apple store the other day. So no, I haven’t actually used this product so I can’t do a true review on it. What I can review is what I love about it and why I want it. Maybe one day I’ll have $1000 that I can use for a phone but until then I’m fine with my iPhone 3G and living vicariously through the videos on YouTube.

The first reason why I want the iPhone 4S is because of what the S implies—speed. The iPhone 4S is the fastest iPhone around with a duel core processer all tucked away inside its slimline body. This means that simple things like start up time and app launching time will be a lot quicker, and you’ll notice it more when you’re playing a video or a high quality game. The S could also stand for signal; as in, you will get a better signal service with this phone. All around the world people have been complaining about the iPhone’s propensity for dropping calls while other brands have flourished, but Apple have finally fixed this with the new phone, giving it not only a better antenna but two better antennas. No matter where you are or how you’re holding the phone it will switch between the two without you knowing, so you’ll always have the best and the clearest reception.

Of course, the S could also mean Sprint, as in it is now available on the Sprint network. Along with AT&T and Verizon you can now buy your iPhone 4S on a plan that will see you paying next to nothing on the down payment; you only add a little extra per month to your regular phone bill until you’ve paid it off.

Another reason why I want the iPhone 4S is the advanced camera. A smart phone camera isn’t yet as powerful as a traditional SLR or digital camera but the one on the 4S is coming quite close. The team at Apple added an extra lens to the camera itself, making it a lot better to shoot in dark or the light. But not only will the photos that you take be of a better quality, but you can do more with them in the photo settings. You don’t have to export them to a new app to make changes such as cropping or tagging but you can do that even before the photo saves. The camera also has a better gyroscope, meaning that you’ll get less of a wobbly look if you’re taking a photo that’s zoomed in a lot or you’re filming while you’re walking. It’s also easier to take a photo with the camera button accessible right from the lock screen. We all know that Kodak moments™ pass so quickly so by the time you’ve unlocked your screen and activated the camera you could have missed your baby’s first steps or the whale that decided to jump out of the ocean. With the camera right at the lock screen you can just whip your iPhone 4S right out of your pocket and start snapping.

Of course, one the most overwhelming reasons why I want an iPhone 4S is Siri, the intelligent voice activated personal assistant. There are some people around who don’t see a reason for Siri, but as a person who gets a lot of texts and who drives around a lot I can understand the need/want for a great system that will read out my texts when I’m on the road. I don’t answer my text messages while I’m driving, so it has happened that I’ll be driving to meet a friend when I get a message from them telling me that the meeting point has moved. Of course, I don’t get this message until after I’ve reached the original place, and then I have to get back on the road and drive somewhere else. She will also help me to set reminders and alerts when I’m typing so I don’t have to do them myself.

For all of these reasons and more, I want an iPhone 4S. Here’s hoping that I’ll get one soon.

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