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Why I Think The iPad Mini Is October's Dark Horse

Why I Think The iPad Mini Is 10ober's Dark Horse

Apple’s New iPad is still king of the tablet world, with record sales this year.  

There are some new “cowboy’s” in town however…

Apparently its an exceptionally good time for apple’s much talked about iPad Mini to surface its head into the technology world, with the combined demand for tablets (big and small) projected to reach 126.6 Million, the release of these new 7-inch tablets is taking the world by storm and its just another foothold for Apple to grasp with the iPad Mini

People are on the move more and more these days and are looking for smaller tablets that are easy to carry about (such as in handbags and even pockets).  The 7-Inch market has begun to cut into Apple’s 9-Inch world and the response?  I’m my eyes it has to be the iPad Mini!

So if the iPad Mini were to launch in October who would lose out?

Well, there’s the 8 inch and 5 inch tablet sectors that would initially take the hits in sales, however the damage would not be limited to just these products, Apple would also see a slight drop in its own iPad 3 and other company’s 9-inch tablets would also suffer.

Apple however would make up for this simply by the amount of iPad Mini’s they would sell (and yes I would be buying one).

With regards to the price of the iPad Mini, I believe Apple will price it slightly lower than the competitive market prices of late.  The average price of a 7-Inch tablet is roughly ?280  and this will be a benchmark for apple to rest themselves upon, possibly pricing their 7-Inch tablet at around ?255-?270.

This price range would put serious pressure on apple’s competition and with the popularity of the iPad… we all know whats going to happen!

Overall,  Apple has to stay ahead of the game, and I think the iPad mini Is the Best Way Forward!

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