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Why I am Disappointed With The New iPad –

Why I am Disappointed With The New iPad

**The Following May Offend Apple Fan Boys And Girls***


So half way through todays Apple keynote Tim Cook introduced the next generation iPad as the New iPad this lead people to believe that he was going to announce an actual name later in the keynote , But with the keynote now finished and the pre-orders page online it is confirmed that the third generation iPad is called the New iPad. Are Apple Serious , What happens next year when they go to introduce the fourth generation iPad are they going to call that the Newer iPad ? Why could the not just call it the iPad and let people refer to it as the 2012 iPad or the iPad third generation.


iSight Camera , FaceTime Camera , Front Facing Camera and Front & Back Camera. Really what is the difference. I mean come on Apple make your mind up. The first question is how many people have you seen when out taking pictures using an iPad ? most likely hardly any , from my own experience everyone I know uses their front facing camera more than the rear facing camera as they are most likely using FaceTime or Skype. So why would you create the rear facing camera better quality and keep the front facing camera at very standard quality.


For most people in Europe the majority will be asking what is 4g LTE , well basically an extremely fast internet connection ( A faster 3g). This service is just about getting rolled out in the US but most of Europe are yet to see the 4G debut and by the sounds of it we will not see it any time soon. If I can not connect to 4g why and i scarfing extra weight , thickness and less battery life ?

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