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Why Hasn’t Safari Skyrocketed Like Chrome Has

Why Hasn't Safari Skyrocketed Like Chrome Has

In the previous days, there have several talks about the web browsers. The report that Google will be paying out Mozilla an amount close to one billion dollars in the coming three years so as to make sure that the search engine of Google remains as the default engine for Firefox has been very much interesting for a few reasons. Among many, the biggest and the most fascinating can be that Google is now developing a competitor for Firefox under the name of Chrome which also led the way towards Safari.

Of course, you might now what is Safari. It is the default web browser of all Mac operating systems.

While Goggle’s Chrome has reached the sky from a mere 0 percent market share in august 2005 to a drastic 25 percent share, as reported last month, the default web browser of Apple’s Mac is lingering somewhere between 5 and 8 percent of the entire market share. While the growth rate of the browser seems to stall out in the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, Safari has seen a rapid growth again since that time. Though, the methodical pace has been tuned to be extremely slow when making a comparison with the web browser of Google.

Given the fact, that both the web browsers are based on a WebKit which is a layout engine, initially developed by Apple, the question settles that why is it not Safari who took the technology off to the skies.

An easy answer to this question is that many of the computer users jump towards the Windows operating systems and it is considered by far as the most used system despite of the record sales of Mac every quarter. An since Safari is normally associated with Mac operating units, it was in actual introduced for Windows quite a bit longer than Chrome came into the picture.

Safari version for windows was released in a beta version in the year 2007 and Chrome did not even show signs of introduction till the September of that year but, still it took only a year for the Google’s browser to surpass the Safari in terms of market share.

So, if it was nit Windows, than what caused Safari to lack behind Chrome?

Another aspect which is being pointed out is the speed areas. There are several benchmarks which term Chrome as the speediest browser that has been made available both in terms of page rendering and Java script performance.

Other group of believers says that the support of Google o Chrome is in itself the major point for the skyrocketing of the web browser. Though, it is true that Google has undertaken quite a bit of promotion for their web browser every once in a while, but considering it a very big advantage to surpass the Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers which are both included in the recipe of Windows and Mac operating systems is quite hard to believe.  In order to use Chrome, the user has to still download it on to the system which is not the case of Safari and Internet Explorer which comes pre-installed in the computer machines.

Another plus is that Safari is bundled with iTunes as a default setting which helped it a lot to gain a massive market share. But, the situation came out as people got it on to their system but are simply not using it.

With the release of the Lion version, it seemed that Safari might be poised for a bit of renaissance. As the defaulting controls were invertive, several third party programs such as the Google Chrome were greatly broken to start on with the latest operating systems. Safari also included several other features such as multi touch support as well as Reading List which had the ability to create sync between OS X Lion and the iOS devices.

Also the increasing demand of mobile, it seems that the massive usage mobile Safari might provide a support to Safari of desktops as well as on laptops. But again, it cannot be suggested by numbers simply. Safari is growing, but, on a slower pace. The whole situation might change a bit after the release of the new iPad but till we have to wait and watch for the circumstances.

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