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Why Choose the iPad Mini?

The wait is finally over and if the rumours are true, the iPad Mini is being launched today. In fact there is a good chance it is happening right now as you read this. There has been much speculation over what features we can expect from the iPad Mini but one thing is certain, it will be cheaper than the full-size iPad. But this is Apple we are talking about and they are not known for rushing out a cheap cash-in on their own merchandise. So just what are the benefits of choosing the iPad Mini?

Well it won’t be advantageous to everyone but then neither is the iPad and the Mini could appeal to a wider demographic beyond the one the iPad is limited to. The main selling point may be the reduced price but the reduction in size should not fool you because this could definitely be a case of less being more.

First of all, the gap between functionality and portability is narrower here. The iPad may be capable of more but it is also less convenient to carry around. The Mini measures 7 inches and, while bigger than a phone, it can be transported in a similar manner. Added to that, it is simply easier to handle when in use as well.

The functionality aspect should be explored though. Again, it could be a common misconception that a smaller, less powerful counterpart is less useful but then it all depends what exactly you want from an iPad, and the price does come into play here.

The iPad is capable of performing many tasks, in fact the possibilities are only as limited as the imaginations of app developers. There are thousands of different apps out there and you can do more or less anything on an iPad. You certainly get your money’s worth. However there are many people out there who need a tablet but the majority of these thousands of applications are useless to them as they only need to carry out specific tasks. If they buy a full-size iPad then they are spending a lot of money on features that they do not need and the full capabilities of the device are lost on them. An iPad Mini on the other hand will be a bit more limited as to how many applications can fit on it and is much more suited to those who only need a select few applications. By choosing the Mini, they can do everything they need to do without spending extra money unnecessarily.

Despite its smaller size, the iPad Mini will have its place in the tablet market and will prove to be the superior option for many customers. The specs may not be as spectacular as the iPad’s but they will no doubt match or surpass the capabilities of rival mini tablets. Apple have a habit of keeping ahead of the curve and they will surely present a new device today that is good enough to keep them in that position.

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