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Which Video Player Will Work On Your Mac?

Which Video Player Will Work On Your Mac?

There are many universal video playing apps for Mac, and it is difficult to pick the best one. QuickTime is a nice player, but it has its own limitations. So what are some good universal video players?


VLC media player

It is no doubt, among the most excellent video players in the world. It plays almost every video file, including CDs, DVDs and VCDs etc. You don’t need any codec and it is free. This is truly a universal video player.


DivX player

DivX for Mac is a great method to play videos, particularly if you are looking for high definition. You can not only play native Divx (.mkv) videos, but also other video files, like the QuickTime ones. It has many cool effects like window fade, desktop dimmer and full screen options.



This is not a very well know app, but it is a really nice player for videos on Mac. It is also open source like VLC and was made to watch movies. It has both full screen and floating windows mode. It has easy playlist making features and lots more.


Elmedia Player

This Player supports many file formats like SWF, FLV, RV, RM, XAP MP4, MOV, AVI and many others. It has a built in browser, and you can go through movie websites and watch online movies without leaving this app.


QuickTime Window Media Components

If you are used to working on Windows, then this option will help you. With this player, you can play .wmv and .wma files in QuickTime and you can also see Windows Media files on internet through a browser. Plus you get additional support for many video and audio codec packs and various file formats. This will let you watch any kind of video file that you want.


If you like watching videos on your Mac, and you use some other kind of player, do let us know about it, and we might share it with other readers as well.

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