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Which Is Better For Business; An iPad Or a Laptop?

Which Is Better For Business; An iPad Or a Laptop?

Many companies around the world have given their employees iPad’s instead of computers and laptops to help them do their work. Some hospitals in the United States, for example, have given doctors and surgeons these mobile devices because they are easier to carry around and will contain more up to date patient data, and some airlines have gotten rid of 11kg flight manuals and have put the information onto a .68kg iPad. There are also hundreds of cases from schools and universities from around the world that have iPad classes and homeschoolers are saying that the apps on this device make it easier to learn. For those of us who aren’t running a hospital or an airline or a school campus it might be time to ask if we really need a tablet computer or could we go on using our laptop or notebook computer. Here is a comparison of the two to help you in making your decision.

1-     Size

Those who say that size doesn’t matter weren’t referring to a mobile device. Companies have made great strides in reducing the size and weight of their laptops and some have even released mini-laptops that have 7 inch screens and weigh 7 grams. Normal laptops weight around 2.5kg and while this isn’t a lot to carry around the house the weight does start to add up when you’re talking about carrying it from business meeting to business meeting. Compare this to the .6 gram iPad 2 and you’re laughing. The iPad 2 size is also thinner almost anything out there, clocking in at 240 X 186 X 8.8mm. It also has a 10 inch screen.

2-     Apps

The iPad isn’t just a large version of the iPad touch; it’s basically like a laptop only thinner. The iPad 2 comes with the following as standard: FaceTime, photo booth, mail, safari, iBooks, iTunes, iPod, find my iPad, photos, videos, app store, maps, YouTube, game centre, notes, camera, contracts, and calendar. The only thing that it doesn’t have built in is Pages and the others in the iWorks suit. Laptops always come with a version of Microsoft or Mac programs that include text editors as well as spread sheeting software and presentation programs. However, Apple knew that many people would only be using the iPad as an entertainment device first so they limited these types of apps to make more space, and Pages, the Mac text editor, only costs ~$10 at the iTunes store. With Pages or Numbers on your iPad you can do anything you want to any text document from creating a project to editing a new one to just opening one and reading it. You can also buy a Blue Tooth keyboard and stands to aide in typing.

3-     Portability and connectivity

It’s not just the size of something that makes it portable, but its ability to connect with and share data with other devices. Apple is the king of sync and they have made their iPad’s to follow in this suit. Pages isn’t an Apple snob and it will open files from Microsoft and other companies. This helps you to work with people who don’t use Apple products so every member of the team can be working on the same project at the same time. The web browsing app Safari is one of the best in the world and it now comes with reader, a new addition that enlarges the font and gets rid of the ads in a newspaper article. Combined with the anti-glare screen you can easily stay up to date with the news of the world as well as your home town no matter where you are. You can read newspapers on a laptop of course, but it’s very hard to open and boot up a laptop and keep it steady on your lap when you’re on a bus or train. For those who already have another Apple device like an iPhone or iPod touch then you can stay connected through your other devices too. You can leave your iPad at the office when you go for lunch and be updated on your phone when you have a new e-mail or a team member has updated the report. The iCloud service (coming soon) is set to make this even easier with sharing among all devices and even to some Windows machines.

This article wasn’t to tell you which device to buy because there are a lot of other factors involved in buying a new work machine. Keep the things you read here in mind when making your decision.


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