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Which iPod Are You?

Which iPod Are You?

There are so many choices for a portable music device nowadays with most of them coming from Apple itself. While Apple wasn’t the first to invent the idea of having portable music, walkmans and portable CD players were around long before the first generation iPod, it was the first to realise that idea with digital music and to bring it to the public in a device that we could all get behind. The design of the iPod was revolutionary for its time, and even though Apple have updated the iPod design over the years it is still the image that everyone thinks about when they think of an iPod.

But there are more pods than meets the eye over at Apple, with four different kinds of iPods lining the shelves both online and in store. If you’ve only ever heard of or seen the original ‘classic’ iPod then this may be quite a shock to you. However there’s no need to panic because this article is going to tell you about the different kinds of Apple music players around the find the one that’s right for you.

First is the original iPod, now called iPod classic. This device comes with one hundred and sixty gigabytes of music at your disposal, which translates to around 40,000 songs. This gives you flexibility to listen to have a wide range of different playlists and songs for every occasion. Unlike the original version of this design the iPod classic comes with a colour screen so you can watch movies and TV shows, viewer your photos in a slide show, and even play some games. The iPod classic is great for people who love their music but also like something a bit extra.

The next iPod to be released was the iPod shuffle, and this device has gone through so many different generations that one almost looks nothing like the other. The original iPod shuffle released in 2005 and was a thin device that had no display. The only way to move between songs was the small scroll wheel on the front of the device. This device was touted as the iPod for people who couldn’t afford the other version, but it paid off with many people opting for this smaller and less expensive music player. The iPod shuffle of today is 1.14 x 1.24 x 0.34 inches and still doesn’t have a screen but it has an increased memory over the original (2GB over 512MB). The iPod shuffle comes with a VoiceOver button that will read aloud the track that’s playing and it comes with a sturdy clip that you can attach to your shirt, shorts, bag, or just about anything else. The iPod shuffle is for people who are on the go and is great if you do a lot of walking or running.

Next came the iPod nano, a smaller version of the iPod in both size and capacity. The first nano was roughly the same height as the standard iPod but it was a lot thinner; it still had the same type of screen and a click wheel. Over time the iPod nano shape and size changed and at one point it was a squat device with a wide screen that could play movie files. This idea was soon scrapped and the nano was reverted back to its original thin design. The colour screen navigation was kept and users can see the album art work along with their songs. The current iPod nano is the 6th generation and it comes with a 1.54-inch multi-touch colour display screen that takes up the entire device; there are no buttons other than sleep/wake and volume control buttons on the rear of the device. It too comes with a clip, but the nano is for those who like a lot of portable music with a funky customisable display.

Lastly is the iPod touch, the newest iPod device that is similar to the iPhone except it doesn’t have any antenna. The iPod touch is currently in its 4th generation, an upgrade which included two cameras and a faster processor. Users with the iPod touch can access the internet as well as customise their device with a number of apps from the app store. They can also store notes and contacts as well as check their e-mails and listen to music. The iPod touch is the device for you if you already have a phone that you love or if you want a great music/movie/app device that you can also use to access the internet.

So, which iPod are you?

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