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What You Didn’t Know About iTunes

What You Didn't Know About iTunes

iTunes is the go to music player on most computers all around the world. This is because most people around the world have at least one apple device that they use to play their music and movies, whether it is an iPhone, iPod classic, or an iPod nano. iTunes is also a great app because it houses and stores all of the apps, music, books, and movies that you have even if they’re not on your device. Store your music in your iTunes app waiting to play at home and only keep your favourites on your device or you can just use your iTunes account to download and play your favourite movies and TV series. But iTunes isn’t just about playing and storing music; there is a lot more to it than that. Keep reading to find out the things that you didn’t know about iTunes.

Buy it here, get it everywhere:

With iCloud what you buy on one device will automatically be available on every device that you own—instantaneously. This saves you from having to sync all of your devices every time you get home to make sure that your collection is up to date. When you download an app or buy a movie from your iPhone it will be available on your iMac at home at the same time so you can start the film as soon as you arrive in the door.

iCloud also allows you to store all of your purchased apps, songs, movies, TV episodes, books, podcasts, and iTunes U classes. This will save you a lot of space on your computer hard drive that can be better used storing your important work documents. It also means that everything you own is safe lest the unimaginable happens and you lose your mac due to a robbery or hard drive crash.

iTunes is more than just music:

Sure, it is the world’s number one music store, but you can get a lot more out of your iTunes store visit than just music. Apps are what Apple calls programs, and these are for all of your mac devices. You can access the app store through its own app on most mobile devices and on your mac but on your computer it is accessed through iTunes. Here you can buy or download hundreds of thousands of apps of all shapes and sizes. Need a way to keep connected to your family without wanting to spend all of your money on calls and texts? There’s an app for that. Want to keep your mind fresh and alert with a fast paced maths game? There’s an app for that. Want to be reminded of when things are due and when you have to pick up your dry cleaning? There’s an app for that too. There are apps for everything available at the app store through iTunes.

You can also buy the latest books through the iTunes store and have them available for you to read right on your mobile device. When you hear about a great book you no longer have to make a note and try to remember it the next time you’re in a book store because with an Apple mobile device like an iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad you now have a books store right in your pocket. Launch the iTunes app and search for the book you heard about, download it, and start reading even before the conversation is over. Books are available through the iBooks app, and here you can customise your reading experience through adding margin notes, looking up words, book marking your place, and even enlarging the text so it’s easier for you to read.

Movies too are available through the iTunes store, as well as all of the latest TV series you’ve been hearing about. Download a season pass and get every new episode automatically downloaded to your device (or all of your devices if you’re synced with iCloud) or rent a movie and you have 29 days before it automatically deletes from your hard drive—no late fees!

Customise your viewing preferences:

The last thing you probably didn’t know about iTunes is that you can make it look anyway you want it to. View your songs, movies, and apps in a list, a grid format, or cover flow.

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