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What To Expect In iOS5

The Mac OS mobile operating system will be celebrating its fifth birthday this fall with the release of iOS5. There are many other reviews of Mac OS mobile of this operating system that hasn’t even arrived yet, but these usually all cover the same additions that we have heard of in store and seen on the ads: notification centre, newsstand, iMessage. However, there are many more new innovations in the iOS5 and more updates of favourite apps that haven’t made it to the spotlight yet. This article will go behind what everyone else has been telling you about iOS5 and give you more information about it.

The music section in iOS5 will be updated for better sound quality and more control over your device. With this you will be able to delete a song from your device along to create a play list function that was added in iOS4. The iPod app will also be split into two sections, music and video. You will be able to great songs by album artist and long band, album, and artist names will scroll along rather than be cut off. The song information will also appear on your car stereo when you connect to it via Blue Tooth (although some older car stereo models might have difficulty with this).

The maps function will also be updated allowing you to select alternate routes and to print the maps via AirPort, the wireless printing centre. Contacts has also been updated with the ability to add family relations like ‘mom’ and ‘step brother’ to your contacts as well as their social media info like their twitter handle. Another really great addition is the ability to add words to the dictionary. Many international users hate that Apple reverts words like colour to ‘color’ and people worldwide will love the ability to add unfamiliar names to the dictionary (the iPhone doesn’t recognize the name Shelle). The keyboard will also have popular Twitter characters like the hash tag symbol (#) and the ‘at’ symbol (@) in easy reach.

For those using the iPad you will be glad to know that there will be some special changes coming with iOS5. Along with reader and bookmarks for Safari you will also be able to see you recent history by pressing down on the back button. When viewing the calendar in year view you can see a ‘heat map’ for the times when you will be really busy, and you will have the ability to hide the keyboard.

The iOS5 release date hasn’t been set yet, but people are thinking that it will happen at the same time as the release of the iPhone 5. Journalists are saying that it would not be in Apple’s best interest to release the iPhone 5 with the old OS only to make owners update it within a month, but as of yet there is no iOS5 official release date. iOS5 is an update available to the iPhone, the iPod touch, and the iPad, but some changes will only happen on certain devices (for example iMessage will be standard on the iPad and iPod touch but you can select to have it as a default on your iPhone).

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