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What to Expect From the Much-Awaited iPad 5?

With the impending release of precious information about the iPad 5, Apple fanatics continue to speculate about the innovative features of the highly anticipated tablet. Along with two new second gen iPad mini, the fifth generation of the now industry standard iPad has got everyone, from businessmen to teachers, enlivened.

Realistically speaking though, what are the likely specs and features to expect for the iPad 5? Below are some of our predictions for the high tech tablet from the Cupertino camp.


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Better camera

There are many reasons why nobody ever uses their tablet to take photographs. Apart from looking awkward while pointing that humongous screen during concerts and events, the past iPad’s camera specs aren’t at all up to par with most mobile standards. The iPad 4 sported a measly 1.2 megapixel FaceTime HD camera as mentioned in Verizon‘s list of specs for the iPad series. An upgrade to both the back and front end cameras should be in check.

Rumors on the internet even led to an 8-megapixel back end camera and a 2-megapixel front camera. Obviously, this is a feature that many users have been clamoring for.

Touch ID and the A7 Chip

With all the media presence being brought towards the iPhone 5S’s Touch ID feature, it would be surprising if Apple didn’t milk that cash cow (the cow obviously still has so much milk to produce). On the same vein, the amplified internal feature of the next gen phones will most likely be transferred towards the tablet. A year ago, the iPad 4 arrived with a dual core A6X chip complete with quad core graphics. This year, the chances of another upgrade to its core processor are very high. In fact, it might even overtake the iPhone 5S and come with a fancy new A7X chip.

Since the Touch ID feature is an offspring of the A7 chip technology, it is a safe bet that if the new iPad came with any version of the A7 chip, the new tablet will sport that metallic home button everyone has been talking about.

A smaller design

Apple has been vocal about redirecting its style for the iPad on the same path as the iPad mini. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the overall size of the iPad might get smaller (or thinner, at the very least). A more user-friendly design, including a smoother and less-tapered backside could be implemented. The unibody is expected to be made out of aluminum.

Of course, with this information in mind, the tablet looks like it will be losing weight. Analysts predict that it will register at about 1.08 pounds, about .40 grams lighter than its predecessor.

Space Grey, among other colors

Apple officially made the color ‘space grey’ a common term to differentiate actual grey from high-tech fancy grey with the release of the iPhone 5. Although we would definitely like to see a Kardashian version of the iPad 5, it is unlikely that Apple will announce a gold colored tablet. Space grey though is a likely candidate. Currently, only black and white are available for buyers. On another note, ‘typical silver’ might also be among the colors to be offered.

It would be amazing if Apple offered the colors of the iPhone 5C on the newer versions of the iPad mini though.

We are expecting lots of neat features for the iPad, especially now that many industry experts vouch on its impact on many different areas of society. As a true trendsetter, any new upgrade that the iPad gets will most likely trickle to every other gadget. Apple has definitely outdone itself with this mobile computing thing.


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