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What Does The Mac OS X Offer?

There are several computer operating systems out in the market. These include Microsoft’s Windows, The open source Linux OS and the Apple’s Mac OS. Apple has a good market share in the demand for Operating systems and its Mac OS X has been quite successful. The company is witnessing innumerable Mac users and the users are growing every day. One of the reasons for this is the OS updates that Apple brings every once in a while including the leopard update, the snow leopard update and now the latest lion update. People are never disappointed and Apple takes care of every user by releasing these frequent updates and keeps on improving things in its OS.

Different people have different opinions about the operating system. Those using a windows OS are likely to pass negative reviews. Mac has several features that distinguish it from the other Operating systems. However, Mac does not have a lot of applications that have been developed by a 3rd party. Windows still has the most number of applications but more and more software developers are targeting Mac as they think that this is the future and eventually, people will have to switch to a Mac operating system in the near future.

Several features in the Mac include:

1.  One of the best and the most widely known feature is that Mac is a virus free OS. Yes, it is completely virus free and therefore there is no harm or danger in using the OS. Files are safe and no one can get an unauthorized access. However, this might be gone in the near future as there has been a short virus case which affected some Mac computers. The hackers are trying to get into the Mac OS and it is likely that Mac users will have to get anti-viruses in the near future.

2. The most user friendly feature is that the Mac can say anything that you want it to say. This is a simple feature that many enjoy. You can type anything into the Terminal Application and the Mac is going to say it out loud.

3. Networking is way easier in Mac and is user-friendly. The user does not need to go through complicated procedures and settings.

4. Another feature is that Mac does not let its user get into the system part of the OS. The user just cannot cause error messages and crashes like the Windows OS. For example, the DLL files are a trouble maker in windows and may cause frequent error messages. In the Mac OS, the user doesn’t even need to know anything inside the system.

5. Another feature is that Mac is more stable and offers a better memory management. This means that the user can run multiple applications at once and still get a good performance unlike windows.

6. Another benefit in Mac is that it has the cheapest applications that you will ever find. Many say that Windows is overrated and this leads to expensive applications. There are, however, not many applications available for Mac but the ones that are available are very cheap.

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