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What Do The Chinese Case Manufactures Know About The iPhone 5 ?

What Do The Chinese Case Manufactures Know About The iPhone 5 ?

iPhone 5 Specification Drawing

Every time we hear of Apple launching a new product weathers it a new iPod , iPad or iPhone the Chinese case manufactures are always first on the scene with accessories which they claim will fit the new device and everyone is lead to believe that they either have the new product or they have seen it .Well Apple Fan Site can today reveal that they actually do not have either of the above.

Apple Fan Site has been in contact with a couple of Chinese case manufactures and we have got our hands on all the information that these manufactures have. You maybe surprised that the only information and specifications are taken from the image / drawing below.

The image above is what they are all producing the iPhone 5 case’s off of. The drawing does match up with all the rumours and speculation we have heard in the last few weeks. We found it quite surprising that multiple manufactures would risk producing thousands of cases for a device in which all they have is a brief drawing with measurements.

iPhone 5 Case Compared To iPhone 4s

Of course this could all be miss leading for example last year we seen thousands of “iPhone 5 ” cases hit the market and they all ended up with loads of cases which do not fit any Apple products as Apple announced the iPhone 4s with the same design as the iPhone 4. This was said to have happened because of a fraud / knock off drawing being sold around to the Chinese case manufactures

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