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What Colors and Sizes Will Feature in the future iPhone 5s

What Colors and Sizes will feature in the future iPhone 5s

In the latest rumors that have spread around the internet regarding the iPhone 5 upgrade, which may be called the iPhone 5s, word has spread that the new phone may allow consumers to be more selective with their phone.

As seen with the new iPod Touch, rumor has it, the iPhone will come with many different colors and will have “different screen sizes” as rumored. Apple has never seemed to allow users the freedom as to decided how big the screen resolution will be but it would be a nice choice to let you and your wallet decided.

Personally, I think they should allow the choice of the 30 pin connector or the 8 pin connector for the next later models although that will never happen.  Hopefully this isn’t a rumor and will allow consumers to buy what they desire in a phone.

This information has partly come from Apple’s Supply Chain in China and with the iPhone 5s having an estimated release date of between march and April, rumors like this will only get either weaker or stronger with the coming day of the iphone 5s release.

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