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What can we expect at WWDC 2012 ?

What can we expect at WWDC 2012 ?

Well the Moscone center is booked , Developers have their tickets know all we can do is wait. The excitement for this years WWDC 2012 have been extraordinary with tickets selling out in just two hours. The event is set to take place 11-15th June 2012. At WWDC Apple normally treats developers to new versions of iOS , Mac and also a “One more thing”. Below is what we  think we will see at WWDC 2012.

The New iPhone

A lot of people are expecting a new iPhone at WWDC 2012 with with the most recent rumors and word from our sources Apple has not event decided on the finished design for the next generation iPhone as of yet. This is most likely pointing us to an October/November release. We also have not seen the usual leaked parts like usual before an iPhone launch. Do not forget that these are just rumors and giving the fact that 3 of the 5 iPhone’s released to date were released at WWDC 2012.

iOS 6

Is has been the norm for years now for Apple to release a new version of iOS at the world wide developers conference also Apple promised to refresh both the Mac OS and also iOS once every year. A lot of people are worrying because there has been no iOS 6 beta’s released to developers yet but this was the same with iOS 5. iOS 5 was announced June 5th 2011 and then developers betas came after with iOS 5 being released to the public a few months later. From what we have seen so far I think this year will be know different. iOS 6 should included a lot of improvements if Apple implement there most recent acquisitions correctly such as CHOMP and also multiple mapping companies as I believe that Apple will drop Google maps from their apps.

iPod Refresh

A lot of people are not interested in the next generation iPods as most believe that they have reached the peak of innovation but these are always a hit around the holidays season which is why I believe that we will see the refresh come along side the next generation iPhone in the fall which leaves Apple enough time to market the new iPod’s for the holiday season

Apple TV / iTV

I am already sick of hearing about the new Apple TV or iTV ,  rumors have been going around for years about Apple coming out with an actual TV Panel and I believe 100% that Apple will not release this at WWDC as it being such a big new product to their line. I believe that we will see this released at its own event late this year / early next year.

Mac Refresh

I think this is the main reason a lot of people were waiting for WWDC 2012 and it is the Mac refreshes people are expecting.

We most likely have not seen any new Macs released since October 2011 because Apple has been waiting for intel to release the new ivy bridge processors which intel finally did a few months back which gives Apple enough time to get the Mac in to production. I do think we will see retina displays if not standard then as an optional extra.

Apple is expected to release a full refresh of the Mac family including

  • Macbook Pro
  • Macbook Air
  • iMac
  • Mac Mini


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