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Weave for iPhone App Review

Weave for iPhone App Review

Everyone needs reminders from time to time, whether it is to make it to a big important business meeting on time or simply to make sure you don’t forget to watch the next episode of New Girl, it helps when you can have a reminder set up in advance. The iPhone, as all good mobile phones do, has basic reminder capabilities integrated already but for some people that isn’t enough and you need to download a more substantial app for dealing with such things. But there are already countless apps available for this, so which one should you choose?

Weave is one of these that dresses up the reminding process in fancy visuals, although it has more to offer than just that. Whereas basic reminder software works best for occasional short term tasks. Weave provides a much more in-depth organiser that can help you plan your life well in advance and creates effective to-do lists, which are structured in such a way to break tasks down and make them more achievable. Also, it is completely free from the App Store so worth a look if you need a decent reminders app.

Start Weave for the first time and it will ask you to sign up with your email address but as an onscreen promise states, they will not spam you and this is used more for backing up your data sho0uld you need to recover it. But instantly you can see this is a friendly, accessible app that only aims to make life easier. A tutorial is included if you need a little hand working it but it shouldn’t take too long to figure out.

Tapping the “+” button in the top right corner of the screen will bring up a menu of options, which include Add Todo, Add Project, Add Expense and Add Income. Adding a to-do task is a simple case of typing in a description and setting a time. Another nice little customisable feature is the Time Spent entry that lets you keep track of how much effort you have actually put into performing a task.

Expense and Income are exactly what they sound like as you can add any money spent or earned as a result of a task, which is a good way of checking whether you are breaking even overall, or even making a profit. This can be in relation to your to-dos, and can be designated as such, or simply in their own right if you have gained or lost money some other way.

Managing projects is probably the best feature here though, as it incorporates all these aspects together to make a project more manageable. You can divide it up into individual steps and it presents you with a percentage of how complete the project is as you progress. You can also set a budget beforehand and use expenses to make sure you stick to it.

Weave is not the best organiser the iPhone has to offer but for a free app it gives you a lot to do and if this is the level of organisation you need, Weave is highly recommended.

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