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Weather 2x for iPhone Review

Weather 2x for iPhone Review

The iPhone is no stranger to weather apps as there is a multitude that offers various features. While some go into great detail, listing all the complicated meteorological information so that the true enthusiasts can analyse them to their heart’s content, while others, such as Weather 2x for the iPhone, are a lot more basic and just give you the immediate information you need, while throwing some nice visuals in to go with it. This is not a flaw however, far from it, as many people do want just that – a quick weather forecast and a pretty picture –  and when it all comes in a tidy little package for just $0.99 how can you turn it down?

Weather 2x is a stripped down weather app that gives you a forecast and illustrates it beautifully, which is the main reason for downloading it. Rain may be depressing in real life but you can’t deny that it makes for some pretty pictures, something the app excels at. You may find yourself looking forward to bad weather so you can see them.

The information you do get covers the current forecast, as well as letting you know what the next five says have on store, with three hour intervals to help you plan around it. It does not go into great detail but, while the given information is rather basic, it does tell you all you need to know in terms of what kind of weather to expect.

But all weather apps can do this and if you want more information you should look elsewhere. However if you just want the basic information presented in a nice, attractive way then this is more than adequate. The visuals are the main attraction and make this simple app more than worth your while.  Current weather conditions are represented with an appropriate photo for the location you are enquiring about. Laid over the photo is the temperature, city, time and basic weather descriptions. However a quick tap will present a few more details, such as humidity and visibility among other things.

The app is as simple to use as it is to look at and a few simple taps or slides will present the five day forecast. You can also save all your searched locations in a handy list that can be drawn up at any time to show you their current conditions.

Weather 2x is available for the iPhone but to get the most out of it you should really go for the iPad version as the visuals are much more suited to the larger screen, although at that price you could always get both.

The only real flaw is that it is not very detailed but whether this bothers you depends on what you want from a weather app and for many people, what Weather 2x offers is more than enough. Easy to use, useful enough and above all, beautiful to look at, this is a great little app worth down loading if you need a simple weather app.

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