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Walmart Already Selling iPad Mini's To Customers

Wal03t Already Selling iPad Mini's To Customers 2 Days Ahead Of Release

As the excitement is building for Fridays iPad Mini launch it appears some customers at Walmart have been extremely lucky and been able to purchase an iPad mini two days before release.

The images show a receipt  from Walmart in which the customer returned a Google Nexus 7 16GB and instead of getting his $249 back he just decided to try his look and get discount of the unreleased iPad Mini.

This story is certainly looking to be true with all the picture evidence but is it strange not to have the size and colour next to iPad Mini on the receipt ?

According to the source who took the pictures his local Walmart had 2 iPad Mini’s on sale one 16GB and the other 32GB both black. The store apparently only had / has 5 of each variation in stock.

Feel free to try your luck in your local electronics store and let us know how you get on email us: or Tweet us : @MacReviews





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