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Wallpaper Application Released For iOS

A software developing company who which has specialized in the creation of templates, themes as well as illustrations for Mac operating systems, Graphic Node, has announced the release of a latest wallpaper application compatible with the iOS devices of Apple under the title of Screen Oven. Moreover, iPads and iPhone users can also download this application from the iTunes App Store and can give a simply new, beautiful as well as an elegant look to the screens of their devices with one among 500 backgrounds and several other funny themed frameworks.

The Screen Oven of Graphic Node provides with the users a high level supply of background images and pictures so as to make the screens of the devices much more interesting and exciting. The collection of these background images counts to be around 500 pieces and has been categorized as per their relative style into four segments. The category of Photo comprises of over 100 high quality pictures which are designed to depict nature scenes, food items and several objects of everyday life. The Abstract category comprises of several of the 2D and 3D backgrounds, Texture includes several types of familiar as well as unexpected patterns and luminous category constitutes of neon light ornaments in units image works.

In order to further customize the screen, there is also a facility provided through which the users can easily supplement their selected backgrounds by making use of a whole lot of range of interesting s well as exciting picture frames or select among several funky avatars which can also be utilized as screen backgrounds or can also be assigned to different contacts so as to distinguish from one contact to another.

The basic concept of Screen Oven as depicted by Graphic Node is to create an application which not only turn out to be useful for the users but also offers some degree of fun in it. The owners of iPhones and iPads give a glance to their handsets numerous times in a day and looking into something special throughout the day and every time you look at your device, is a feeling that not every person has experienced.

The requirements of device on which the application of Screen Oven is considered to be compatible includes iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad and the 3G as well as 4G iPod touch of Apple. In case of iOS device requirements, an iOS operating on the technology of 4.3 or later is suitable for the program to rum on smooth roads. The downloadable capacity of the program stands at 168 MB of the memory storage of the devices.

The pricing range of Screen Oven is settled to be only of $0.99 USD or equivalent amount in case of other currencies and has been made available for all iDevice users via the App Store from within the Lifestyle category.

Graphic Node developers has been established in the year 2011 and has become increasingly popular for creating themes for iWork, iWeb and other such applications.

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