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Wacom Revolutionises Education with Interactive Displays

Wacom Revolutionises Education with Interactive Displays

There is no questioning how much technology has revolutionised the way we teach and learn in today’s classrooms. From handheld learning through to interactive whiteboards. Wacom have overcome one drawback of the interactive whiteboard in the release of its latest PL interactive pen display.

With traditional interactive whiteboards educators frequently lose engagement with their students while their back is to the class writing on the board. The PL interactive pen display offers all the power of the whiteboard but without having to even turn round.

The complete range consists of the new 16” widescreen model called the PL-1600, the larger 17” PL-720 as well as the recently launched 21.6” widescreen PL-2200. Each interactive pen display enables teaching staff to conduct lessons or lectures interactively and with an individual style. For the modern lecture theatre or classroom, each model represents a smart and innovative presentation tool.

The PL series has been designed for those who want to boost productivity and ergonomics. Using the digital pen directly on the screen provides perfect hand-eye co-ordination and enables fast data input. Handwritten notes, sketches, drawings and diagrams can be updated in real time or created spontaneously resulting in lively communication between teachers and their students. Teaching staff can add ideas and suggestions from students directly to the slides, increasing interactivity, creativity and discussion.

In addition, working with an interactive pen display connected to a video projector means that teachers and lecturers can face their students while giving lessons or lectures, ensuring that they can instantly pick up signals, gauge reactions and interact with students, creating a more productive and engaging atmosphere.

New widescreen displays

The PL-2200 is a 21.6” interactive pen display with full HD resolution, providing a large, widescreen, working area for the presenter. In contrast, the PL-1600 offers a compact 16” widescreen display, making it the ideal mobile solution for users who change their teaching environments frequently.

Both models include a widescreen display, providing clearer precision for both the annotator and the audience. Also included are advanced video capabilities with the inclusion of DVI-input and DVI-output. This means either analogue or digital sources can be used without the need for a DVI-splitter. Teachers can incorporate different types of media, such as the internet, digital or audio content into their lessons and control them all from the interactive pen display, using it as a central hub.

Complete with a video scaler, the PL-2200 and PL-1600 support wide-format input as well as native aspect ratio. The PL-2200 has also been fitted with an anti-glare coating to reduce reflections on the screen and an easily adjustable display stand for maximum comfort. The addition of a dual port, USB 2.0 hub means that files can be easily transferred to and from the display via a computer.

The PL-720

Also in the range is the PL-720 interactive pen display. This particular model offers a 17” LCD screen and compact 4:3 format. With its small footprint, desk space is conveniently minimised and it is easily integrated into existing teaching or presenting environments.

Interactive pen display technology

Wacom’s patented pen technology provides a natural tool for freehand writing, annotating and navigating directly with the pen on the screen. The ergonomically designed cordless and battery-free pen provides 512 pressure levels and has a programmable double side-switch.

Software included

Each model in the series includes Uniboard Software for presenting and teaching. The software is an easy-to-use application that supports the pressure sensitivity of the interactive pen displays and works on Windows and Macintosh systems alike.

Pricing and availability

Although these prices may sound expensive they are actually less than installing fixed whiteboard solutions, the new PL-1600 is priced at ?979,99, the PL-720 at ?1.099,99 and the PL-2200 at ?1.599,99 (all prices include VAT). The PL range of interactive pen displays carries a two-year warranty. We will be testing one of the PL series out in the next month and will put the device through its paces beside a number of different whiteboards.

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