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Vimari for Mac App Review

The invention of the mouse has made computing infinitely easier for users as navigation of the desktop is much quicker and more direct. However despite this convenience there are still a lot of people who prefer to stick to the keyboard as much as possible and limit the need for a mouse whenever they can. This makes sense as it means if the mouse or trackpad breaks the computer can still be functional. However when it comes to browsing the internet, keyboard shortcuts can only go so far and the mouse is still pretty much a requirement. Fortunately there is an application that at least makes the internet more accessible via keyboard, even if it cannot eliminate the need for a mouse completely. Vimari is available now for use with Safari and it can be downloaded for free.

Vimari is an extension for Safari that can be added free of charge and provide more keyboard functions when browsing, with a particular emphasis on links. With Vimari installed, you can activate it when browsing Safari with a simple keyboard shortcut, which is Control+F by default but can be changed if you wish. This will highlight every link on the current page in yellow and annotate them with individual shortcuts comprising of two letters.

All you have to do to open a link is type these letters in succession, rather than together, and it will have the same effect as clicking the link, which will then open. This will either be within the current tab or in a new one, depending on the link itself, but you can force a new tab by pressing Shift+Control+F when summoning Vimari. As before, this shortcut can also be customised. It is actually possible to set Vimari up so that the Link Hints are not required when selecting links, but this is not so useful if you plan on typing any text onto the page as Vimari will react to these keystrokes.

Vimari may focus primarily on links but there are a few other shortcuts too to make your browsing experience more convenient. You can scroll up and down a webpage by pressing Control+K and Control+J respectively, while you can navigate through tabs as well, using Control+Q to move to the left one and Control+W to select the right one. While this is convenient to an extent, there is sometimes a slight delay when switching between tabs so you need to be patient or you might overshoot it.

Vimari is certainly useful to an extent but it offers a very limited range of functions and they do not work flawlessly. Considering it is a free extension it is hard to really complain about it as it makes a nice optional extra that slightly reduces the need for a mouse. It is only limited to Safari so if you use a different browser you will need to look elsewhere for such an application but if all you are looking for is a way to click around Safari without a mouse, Vimari has you covered.

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