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Video Showing iPhone 6 With Bent Screen Appears On YouTube

Video showing what is a concept version of the iPhone 6 with a bent screen has appeared on mass video site YouTube

With everyone trying to second guess what the new iPhone 6 is going to look like, several new iPhone videos have sprung up on YouTube showing what could be a curved iPhone 6 with some even showing new iOS 8 features, again guessed.

Some of the videos show iPhone’s with larger screens, thinner devices and even features such as laser keyboards which have featured in previous videos for now released iPhone’s.



Some of the other concept videos in the above playlist include things like iPhone Air concepts, TV spot trailer ideas and even ideas based on other Apple devices such as the iPad Air and the Macbook Pro.

Apple may be about to announce something amazing at WWDC 2014 and the team at MacReviews cannot wait to see what the company have in-store for fans worldwide.

Follow MacReviews for the latest Apple News and product reviews including live events such as the reveal of the iPhone 6 and WWDC 2014.

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