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Verizon Blackout Vacation Dates Starting On September 21st ( iPhone 5 Release Date )

Verizon Blackout Vacation Dates Starting On 09tember 21st ( iPhone 5 Release Date )

Today we have heard a report from 1 Verizon retail employee who said that Verizon has called for no vacations between Friday 21st September – September 30th. This fits perfectly with the rumoured release date of both the next generation iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

The demand for the next generation iPhone is already huge and is only expected to grow when we see the device at the Apple keynote on september 12th. (Live Coverage Here). With no staff vacations allowed this means all your local Verizon Wireless retail shops will be able to handle the crowds with out any problems.

We have also reached out to our UK Carphone warehouse source who confirmed the iPhone 4s release date last year

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