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Verizon BlackBerry Z10 Pre-roll On iPhone 5 Youtube Ad

We reported a couple of days ago that Apple had released an outstanding TV commercial showing of the iPhone 5’s camera and like usual Apple have uploaded it to their Youtube channel.

Apple seem to have enabled pre-roll adverts on this video but the only problem is they do not have control over what adverts are showed, that is down to Google. In this case I was greeted with an advert for the Verizon Blackberry Z10, Awkward!


It amazes me why Apple has pre-roll ads enable on their Youtube videos because a problem like this does not seem to be worth the estimated ?8.4K – ?78K a year they make from their millions of views.

Anybody can purchase ads on these videos and Z10 sales are never going to match the iPhone but keep an eye out for them Samsung S4 commercials.

This is the first time I have seen ads on any of Apple’s Youtube videos


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