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Using the Secure Empty Trash Function

Use Quick Look to Preview Files
Do you have a Mac operating system and still do not know some facts about it such as how to empty trash on Mac and how to permanently delete files Mac yet? If so, this article is just what you should read.
There is a need for you on how to completely erase the files one has deleted. You must have to first understand how to recover the deleted files on Mac. Through this, one will have a better understanding of the principle of the recovery.

How to recover a file?

Once in a while, Mac computers need cleaning and maintenance in order that it will maintain its speed performance. That is why, in case the computer has already been loaded with so much files and data, it has to be weeded out. The user has to scan all the files and programs he has inputted into the computer and clear out the unused and unimportant ones. He has to clean Mac drive. But, how does the deletion of some programs lead to the fast performance of the computer? Well, once a heavy program is deleted, the space occupied by the program will become free. Therefore, this allows for a faster run of the computer.

But what if the deleted files will become of great help in the future? Or let us say what if somebody will try to scour a computer for the search of any information that might be used against the owner of the computer? How does one revive the deleted files on Mac?

There are two major solutions in order to recover the deleted files on Mac. These are the manual and the aid of a soft ware.

To recover deleted files on Mac without the help of a soft ware is very easy. These deleted files are just stored in the recycle bin. Therefore, to recover the files manually, one simply needs to visit the recycle bin and, restore the files deleted.

In some other extreme cases of the loss of files, especially to the loss of heavy applications, comes the entry of the soft ware. It is a sad note, however, that Mac does not have a built-in recovery tool. So a user should install first any recovery tool to get back the lost data. It is somehow good news that Mac has a solution to this. With the introduction of the Mac Keeper, a user who would want to recover the lost files can have the reason to be jolly. Mac Keeper will help in the recovery even if the recycle bin is already empty or totally out of deleted files.

Mac keeper is a very good tool. It has Undelete tool feature that will efficiently retrieve deleted files. This supports both the Mac-compliant file system (HFS) and Windows-compliant file system (NTFS). In addition, this has a powerful Backup tool that will protect the files from accidental deletion.

Therefore, the solution to recover deleted files on Mac is simple. Upload Mac Keeper. There is no other best recommended retrieving tool than this for this has already been proven and tested.

To start the uploading of Mac Keeper, download a full version of the Mac Keeper and open the Undelete tool found in there. Next is to select the volume where the lost files and data were and start doing the scan. The last step is to preview and then recover the deleted files.

See? Recovering the lost file has a way. If there is a will, there is a way. Upon the knowledge of this thing, let us consider the complete deletion of the file from the trash bin. If there is a tool that is good in recovering deleted data, there is also a tool that is good in completely erasing the deleted files and no body can use them anymore.

How to completely delete a file so that nobody can use them anymore?

At this point, let us analyze why there is need to delete some files.

Some people delete some files to gain up the speed of Mac. One might as well clear out the unimportant folders and files than to suffer from the crawl of the computer’s speed. Some people would even use the Mac secure empty trash to have a total erasure of these files and programs and avoid the attempt of file resurrection.

Let us go down to understanding the process of this clean up Mac hard drive or the erasing Mac hard drive.

As stated above, when a user deletes a file and thus throwing it into the Trash and clicks Empty Trash on Mac afterwards, the file can still be restored with special software termed as eraser for Mac or the file shredder for Mac. The thing is that the system actually marks the space left after the file as vacant, and the file is recoverable until other files completely overwrite it.

It’s not a big problem if the files the user trashed were not that important. But what if they contained some confidential information, such as the user’s credit card number or pin code to some ATM cards? It wouldn’t be much fun if someone else got access to the Mac and retrieved this info. Nevertheless, one can instantly let other data overwrite the files using the Secure Delete Mac function. To do this, just click the Trash icon in the Dock and then press the Command key while holding the mouse key. One will notice that the Empty Trash Mac menu item will magically turn into Secure Mac Empty Trash. Select this option to make the files completely disappear!

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