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Using Evernote- 7 Easy Ways

Using Evernote- 7 Easy Ways

Evernote is a great way to manage your notes. There are so many things that you can do with Evernote. Here are some methods to use Evernote in a fun way.


It is always better to cook for yourself rather than eating out. If you want to store recipes, Evernote will provide you a great platform for it. All your recipes will be there on your phone- when you are in the store, looking for ingredients, or in the kitchen, practicing your culinary arts.


If you are eco friendly, then it is very important to save paper. You can scan all your important documents like bills, receipts, and confirmations etc and store them in Evernote. You can organize them with the help of tags so that you won’t have to use paper again.

Evernote is good with text recognition. So when you scan a picture, it will convert it to text. Important documents can be stored in Evernote, but since it does not have a password, you must be very careful.


We mostly get ideas when we are away from the computer and have nothing to note them down. Whenever you feel that you have a great idea, you can just write it down on Evernote. With this tool, it’s like you always have a pen and paper.

Making notes in various ways

You can make notes using text or sound. This means that you can record notes for conferences, classes and anything that you want to note down. You can even note down your thoughts- in both desktop and mobile versions.


Actually, this is the first use anyone can think of Evernote. You can type your list on it before you go to the grocery store. This way you will not forget the important stuff that you have to buy. Plus you don’t have to carry small slips of paper everywhere.

Goals and Resolutions

You can set yearly goals to be motivated. It is easy with Evernote and you get to see which goals you were able to complete as the year ends.

Different people have different uses for Evernote. Which use do you find the best? What’s your reason for using Evernote? Do let us know through your comments.

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