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Using Amazon MP3 Store with iTunes

Using Amazon MP3 Store with iTunes

Growing up I bought I always bought my music from three specific places, two local music chains and Woolworths. I’m going to sound old but neither local chains nor Woolworths (Photo link) actually exist today.

I can remember in the early 1990s there was actually a stage when the price of music started to increase beyond reason. Chart CDs were ?15, their cassette counterpart were a massive ?9.99 and singles were almost ?3.


Adding annual inflation over a fifteen year period and CDs would be unaffordable bizarrely though the opposite is the case. Yesterday I bought the new U2 album ‘No line on the Horizon’, (I won’t get into a U2 debate but I’m a child of the 80s! ) for an amazing ?6.49 .

Shopping around :

HMV ?8.99 (Physical CD)
iTunes ?7.99 (Download)
Amazon ?8.98 (Physical CD) & ?6.49 (Download)

We ran an article on Amazon v iTunes when we first started seeing the bargains Amazon had to offer and we have been using a mix of the two services ever since. Recently I have mentioning the Mp3 bargains to a number of fellow Mac users who, with the exception of one stated “I couldn’t be bothered, with iTunes it is so easy, click and buy” There is no doubt buying music from iTunes is very easy but is it actually anymore difficult buying from the Amazon service ?

Using Amazon Mp3 with iTunes

Here is a really simple guide on how easy it is to use the service :

Head over to Amazon and click on the Mp3 music store.

Add the album or song to your basket and checkout. The first time you buy music from Amazon the site will prompt you to download the Amazon installer. This is only 1MB in size, it doesn’t install anything other than the ability to download the MP3s from Amazon.


Once installed simply restart Safari and the Amazon MP3 software will take you back to the Amazon store where you will be prompted to complete your transaction. Now that you have the application installed subsequent purchases will be even easier.

The Amazon downloader will now get to work delivering your music. As default the preferences are set to automatically add the music to your iTunes library, in my view making the process as easy iTunes.


The only other preference offered by the application is “network” which is used if your internet traffic goes through a proxy server.

One thing to note is if your iTunes library is stored on an external device you may end up with two copies of the music. One in your iTunes library and one in <USERNAME/MUSIC/Amazon Mp3 See below.


I actually leave the music in both locations as a backup for purchased music. Amazon offer a really simple to use service that currently offers great savings. It baffles me why people think they are restricted to just the iTunes store, there is no reason why you can’t shop around for the best music bargains and store them all with in the iTunes application.

Will Amazon be a threat to iTunes ? probably not, with the absence of music videos (for the Apple TV), TV, Film downloads and obviously the brilliant Apps store iTunes is pretty much the leader but it doesn’t hurt to shop around for your music.

Interestingly I had hoped that some of the albums that are currently unavailable on the iTunes store would be on the Amazon service but this is sadly not the case. Neither store offered any Def Leppard back catalogue.

Don’t let the fear of an alternative download service put you off gaining considerable savings on albums and individual tracks. If you want to save ?1.50 on the latest album releases then head over to Amazon Mp3.

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