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Useful Printing Tips for a Web-pages in Safari

If you would like to print some Web-content from your Safari browser, but want to make some changes in the way the web-page looks like (for example, delete some pictures and logos) or to limit the quantity of the text information presented on the page by deleting unneeded paragraphs and external links, you are incredibly lucky to be mac user. You can perform all of these actions even without leaving your browser!
The simplest way to modify the web-page is to use the JavaScript function word. Here goes the step-by-step instruction of how it can be implemented. The easiest way is to bookmark “javascript: document.body.contentEditable = true” command into Safari address line. Such Java-related bookmarks are usually known as “bookmarklets”. After performing this simple action you will need to pull the icon of this bookmark to the toolbar of Safari bookmarks.
The other quite unsophisticated way to make the web-page in Safari browser temporary edible is to use JavaScript console. First of all you need to enable the “Develop menu” by going to the “Preferences”, afterwards picking “Show Error Console” tab. The text line will be displayed there and you will need to print the command “document.body.contentEditable = true” there. And the next thing you need to do is to push the “Return” button.
The other way to edit Safari web-page is to launch Safari program and print the following command “javascript: document.body.contentEditable = true” in the address line, and afterwards choose the “Return” option.
As you can see all the advices described afore are quite easy to implement even for the mac dummies. But you need to keep in mind that the changes you will see at your computer screen will be made only for your personal use and all other millions of Internet users will observe the page as it was published originally, without your editing. If this fact makes you feel uncomfortable you can contact the web-page creators and suggest your improvements. Who knows: maybe they will like it.

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