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Use Trimit To Summarize Things For You

Use Trimit To Summarize Things For You

This sounds like a good concept, but how well does it actually work? If anything, you will be more impressed with the visuals of the application, but in terms of functionality; it is cool, but not very practical.

Upon launching the app, you get a brief tutorial of how the app works. The basic idea is this: get a link to something you want to share with people. Paste it in the link import in Trimit, and then you will get an extraction of the text that was in your link. The application can generate a summary for you at a certain length, and this is activated by shaking. Trimit will use shortcuts like “2” to represent “to” in an effort to trim down summaries and make it easy to understand at the same time.

There are essentially two views in Trimit: Editing and Mode view.

In Editing, you get a text field that you can write in. It looks fairly reminiscent of the areas that most Twitter clients give you for typing up tweets. While you can type out something to share, that’s not the point of the application.

The first step is to grab a URL, perhaps for an article that interests you. Tap the “Link” button and import the source, and Trimit will begin extracting text. You’ll be taken back to the Editing screen, where all of the text from the link is pasted in.

Once you have this text, the next step is to have Trimit summarize it for you. Before you “Shake to Summarize”, go into Mode View by tapping on the icon with gear. Mode View gives you six options for summarizing: Twitter (140 characters), Facebook (421 characters), 300 characters (an iPhone text message), 550 characters (email message), Tumblr (700 characters) and 1000 characters. Tap on any of these icons to select the mode, and then go back to the Editing view.

Now you can put the Trimit to work. Shake it to get an automated summary of the text you extracted from the link in the character limit you specified. At the end of the summary, you can also insert the original link as well. When you have the summary (with some edits of course, because it will never be perfect), the Share button at the top will have some options for you. You can Tweet it, Facebook it,, SMS/MMS it, email it, print it or save it as a .txt file (accessed through iTunes File Sharing). If you choose to save something as a text file, it can be viewed in the Settings of the application (the top left icon).

To repeat the process with another link, you’ll have to clear out the old text first. While you tried just selecting all the text and deleting it, it seemed to comeback, mixed in with the new text. The only sure way to get rid of it is by pulling up the screen to reveal the “Pull to delete” message, which uses that gesture that you’ve become familiar by now.

As you find the idea of Trimit to be neat, you’ll be sure that this can find some place in your daily routine. Normally, if you like a link enough to share, you can easily come up with a brief summary on your own. If you are too preoccupied with priorities or not in the mood to summarize things on your own, then Trimit could be for you. It is available at a very cheap price.


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