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Update to Video Tutorial for Mac OS X Lion Released

A tutor for Lion version 1.6 has been released by NoteBoom Productions today which is their latest video tutorial that has been updated and has been made available for The Mac systems on the Mac App Store and in the iPad via the iTunes App Store. In the tutorial video for Lion, the user watches 51 categorized videos so as to have a guide as to how to use the Mac system and the Lion which is the latest operating system by Apple. The up gradation includes several new videos on iCloud, iTunes Match, using the screen sharing in iChat options, adding in guest accounts, screen savers and desktop pictures. Additional new features include categorized videos for the easy process of reference along with a resizable window. The total duration of the video is four and a half hours.

Following are the concepts that are covered in this tutorial:

  • Major differences between a Mac system and a PC.
  • The terminology of the OS X.
  • Adding and deleting of applications, files and folders from within the dock.
  • Differentiating points between Snow Leopard and Lion.
  • Get to know all the different ways through which a file can be moved.
  • Adding and deleting of items from the sidebar of the window.
  • How to make a search on the system by using the Spotlight application.
  • Saving your files and documents where the user requires them to and not where the system requires it to get saved.
  • Uploading your pictures through the iPhoto feature.
  • Making the Spaces and Mission Control features to work at their optimum level.
  • How to make Mail application your best friend.
  • Burning of disk with burning of folders.
  • Where are the downloads saved.
  • How can the applications be deleted.
  • How to gain access to your music library from any operating system, iPhone, iPad by using iTunes match.
  • Ways for installing an application.
  • Using the Dashboard so as to trace information in a faster way.
  • Adding in of the Tape to the calculator so as to view historical events.
  • Sharing of the media with the users of iTunes that are on your network.
  • Adding in and deleting of printers as well as configuring the options provided.
  • Find out the different security options on to your system.
  • Creating parental controls on to separate accounts created on the system.
  • How to backup the data of your system.
  • Configuring the system for multiple users.
  • Which of the non-Apple programs are considered useful for the Mac.

The tutorial for Lion version 1.6 has received over 120 five star ratings and the iPad version too has the exact ratings on the video content. Moreover, all the contents are stored on the iPad r on the computer for offline viewing purposes. The application of Tutor for Lion version 1.6 for Lion has been priced to be US$4.99 or equivalent amount in other currencies and has been made available exclusively on the Mac App Store within the Productivity category.

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