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Unwrapping a New Mac

Unwrapping a New Mac

If you are about to own a brand new Mac operating system, then there are some few basic as well as preliminary aspects that will tend to save some of your time as well as money in the long run.

Unboxing: Carefully unbox the Mac system and avoid any type of ripping, destroying, tearing or discarding any elements whether it is the box or any other materials provided within. For this to become a good idea there are several reasons supporting it but the two most essential reasons are as follows:

The first reason is that if something wrong occurs to your Mac operating system – being an incorrect or a defective model – the need of the original packing will be required if your Mac sustains within the return policy period of Apple. It should be noted here that the return policy of Apple continues for only 14 days after the purchase date. However, in this holiday season, Apple has extended this period.

The second reason can be thought out in the longer term aspects. The Mac system knows to retain their value which is not the characteristics of any other consumer electronic items and there might be a time when you will require reselling your machine at some time ion future. At this point, having all the packing will make the product tom appear more attractive to its buyers and will also contribute in making it getting sold off faster and at a good price.

Initial Inspection: Carry a basic inspection process of the brand new product. Give a glance on to its exterior and determine whether there are any damages, regardless of whether it is a big or a slight damage as even the smallest damage can be an indication of a bigger defect or issue. Ensure that the new Mac is free from scratches, does not have any chips or cracks on its screen or any other signs that represent mishandling.

Even if there is a slight damage on to the machine avail the return policy of Apple so as to get another Mac of the same model. Try to be quick in this action because the longer you take to perform this action, the more it will appear to Apple that you caused the damage. However, there are at least two additional reasons for this purpose.

The first is that if the Mac system appears to be defective and if there occurs the damage to be of an undocumented nature, the technicians of Apple will refuse to take the system which eventually means that you have to get the issue resolved from third party sources which will invest some more of your money.

The second associated reasons that a damage also tends to lower down the resale value of the machine. If you, sometime in future, do decide to sell out your Mac, that particular damage will make the process of finding a buyer as well as getting a good price of the Mac becomes quite a difficult task.

Check Thoroughly For Defects: Apple is famous for manufacturing excellent products, but, defect is a sad reality that can be associated with any manufacturing procedure. After acquiring a new Mac, you should place it on an elementary vetting system where it can be inspected for potential defects. Here it should also be pointed out that defects are facts apart from physical damage. Physical damage are not covered by AppleCare, however, the defects are provided coverage because of which the sense of urgency is reduced a lot in this aspect.

There are grave chances that your Mac will not comprise of any defects within it, but to inspect it once is to simply keep yourself on a safer side of the picture.

Save The Data: If you are satisfied with the above mentioned processes, it is now time to make some data configuration within it. These actions might include setting the time, marking the calendar or to be better off, set an alarm on the iCal of your Mac system through which you will be timely notified of the key dates. Determine all the related dates by visiting the Apple’s Warranty Status page on the web. Through this page you can obtain information as to when will your warranty will end which will help you take timely steps.

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