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Unravel The Secrets Of an Old Town With 3 Days: Zoo Mystery Mac

A new game has been released for Mac OS X and the immediately availability of 3 Days: Zoo Mystery 1.0 can be made from Mac App Stores. Those who are interested in playing mystery games become a beautiful mystery solver, Anna.  The story is that a thief has stolen all the animals from the zoo of her uncle after which Anna has to return to her childhood town in order to solve some very challenging riddles in order to locate the criminals. As Anna arrives on the place, the task becomes even more complicated. On the other hand, a zoo examiner is expected in 3 days time and if the solver Anna does not finds the animals in three days time- her uncle’s zoo will go forever.

3 Days: Zoo Mystery is a great combination of classical game play of hidden objects with several other mini games that are seamlessly attached into the main story. Anna makes an intensive search for clues, solves out challenging riddles and makes use of her wit and charming personality to get the other people of the town to help her. However, this task is to be achieved by convincing a lot of citizens to trust her. The player will also come in interaction with several officials as well such as the sheriff, scientists associated to a locally operating laboratory, ferry captain and various other characters. Each of the character is included because they hold a small piece of the puzzle which can be solved by Anna only.

The game comprises of 27 levels which are spread into different places of the town. Every level is loaded with a mission of a hidden object along with several mini games so as to entertain the player all the way through the adventure. When the player completes the level, all the small games are listed down on the main menu which are then added to the replay value.

In case, the player gets stuck at some point during the game, a help menu is given to guide them across the game. Even smaller details are inserted into the game such as the lightening as well as the weather effects, an artful design level along with a beautiful background sound which creates an atmosphere of being mysterious without making it sound violent or scary.

The 3 Days: Zoo Mystery is considered as great hidden object game for the entire Mac family. In the availability of several horrifying horror games, the launching of an adventurous and an entertaining mystery game came out to be a fresh breeze of air. You can spend great evening in playing and solving the mystery of Anna.

The system requirements of 3 Day: Zoo Mystery is Mac OS X version 10.6.6 or later and takes a capacity of 48.9 MB.

Availability and Pricing Factors

The Mac game of 3 Days: Zoo Mystery 1.0 has been released worldwide and can be easily obtained from the Mac App store in the games category under the price tag of $0.99 USD or equivalent amount in case of other currencies.

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