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Unrar Rar Files On Your Mac

Unrar Rar Files On Your Mac

Want to unrar your rar files? You have many ways to do so. There are some apps that can perform the unrar function for you, and all these apps are pretty much the same. The main differences between them are GUI functionalities and command line features. The built in utility does not support rar files, and so you should have an app to support these formats.

Here are some applications:


It is one of the most common apps and it does the job correctly. It comes with a small window that will tell you the current process instead of just a progress bar. So when you receive a corrupt archive file, it will inform you where the problem lies and you can easily diagnose it.

Command Line

You can use WinRar command line application to extract rar files. The main advantage of this tool is that it can extract even broken archives. Apart from that, it is also very helpful to be used in scripts, and can be used in many cases.

Stuffit Expander

It is pretty much the same as the other applications. This app is made to work with Stuffit applications, and this makes it a great tool if you have to work a lot on rar files. It works as a standalone app, and so you wouldn’t have to purchase the entire suite for it. If you want a good looking interface, then Stuffit would be the right choice.

RAR Expander

Most of the above are quite simple rar tools. Just like the archive tool to work on zip archives, Rar Expander works on rar ones. If you are looking for a simple utility for your rar files, then this one should suffice.


The next one in this inventory of rar tools is iArchiver. It is the only paid one here. It is made mainly for compressing files into an archive. However it has extraction abilities too. It is quite like the Stuffit suite, except that it is a single app.

Do you know about any more unrar apps that should be mentioned here? Let us know about some cool apps for Mac. Have any ideas? Leave your comments.

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