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Uninstalling Programs on Mac for a faster search

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When you are a Mac user, you usually install programs to maximize the use of your unit. This could be enjoyable and fascinating for a while. In the long run however, some programs or applications could hog your hard disk space and make your unit download other programs or application at half its usual speed. Mac users usually uninstall Mac applications or download uninstall software on Mac to remedy this problem.
How do you uninstall programs on a Mac? These are general instructions on how to uninstall programs on Mac:

  1. Go to your desktop and look for the “Macintosh HD” icon. Double click that icon. What would appear next will be the list of Applications, systems and the library. Tip: The icon looks like an external drive and is in either silver or grayish hue.
  2. To bring up the lists of applications or software programs or utilities on your Mac, double click the “Applications” icon.
  3. Read your list of applications. Try to see whether there are applications you still want to use or whether you have updated versions of the applications on the list.
  4. To bring up the table of options and actions that you can use, press and hold the control (CTRL) button.
  5. To uninstall Mac applications, you can do either one of these two things: You can click on the operation labeled “Move to Trash” or click on the software, drag it to the trash bin on your desktop, and your done.
  6. To make sure that you uninstall programs on Mac correctly, delete not only the icon but all the files associated with that program. You can also opt to drag the icon to the trash bin directly for a faster process.

Mac iTunes can be the one of the frequently used applications for Mac users. If you would like to uninstall iTunes Mac, follow these procedures:

  1. Stop using iTunes while doing this process.
  2. In the Finder, choose Go>Applications.
  3. Find iTunes and drag it to the Trash Bin.
  4. Open Activity monitor and locate iTunes Helper. Click on the Quit Process. Confirm the Quit process by clicking Quit again.
  5. Quit Activity monitor and open System preferences.
  6. Click View>Accounts and click on Login items.
  7. Look for the entry labeled iTunesHelper and click the – button to remove the application from the list.
  8. Quit the System Preferences. From the Finder tab, choose Go>Go to Folder
  9. Enter “/Library/Receipts/ and click Go.
  10. Locate the file with the name “AppleMobileDeviceSupport.pkg”. Drag it to the Trash Bin and proceed by deleting any other file ending with.pkg that has the phrase iTunes on the filename.
  11. Reboot your Mac and empty the Trash Bin. This process will uninstall iTUnes Mac systems.

You can enjoy a faster search as removing iTunes can free your disk of files that hog your system. It is best to remember to manage your music files since it uses large memory spaces.
Another software utility that you can use to uninstall on Mac applications is the MacKeeper. MacKeeper allows you to uninstall mac applications the safest way possible. It also uninstalls all the other files related to that program. It helps you manage your computer. Aside from Mac uninstaller functions, you can also encrypt your files and restore lost on deleted files.
Mac uninstall applications can be done with a lot of software programs but the MacKeeper has got to be the safest and best way possible. Uninstall application Mac and reserve precious disk space for other more essential applications. You can remove applications Mac and save your memory for other applications that you would like to do in the future, whatever that is.
Uninstall on Mac using the MacKeeper and make your computer the best weapon for your career or academic activities.

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